TeraStation 5210DF: Buffalo relies on SSDs and 10-Gbit port in the 2-Bay NAS

With two new desktop NAS models already factory-equipped with two SSDs, Buffalo wants to appeal mainly SMEs. The TeraStation 5210DF offers two classic Gigabit LAN ports as well as a 10 Gb LAN connection to ensure fast data transmission on the network. Prices start at 839 euros.

Two drive bays equipped with SATA SSDs

Buffalo has designed the TeraStation 5210DF as a classic storage solution with no additional features for enterprise use. The NAS is already equipped with two storage media in the form of SATA SSDs, which are connected via SATA 3.0. The TeraStation 5210DF is offered in two versions, which differ in the storage capacity. The options are 512 GB (TS5210DF00502-EU) or 2 TB Flash memory (TS5210DF0202-EU).

10-Gbit LAN port with backward compatibility

In the TeraStation 5210DF, Buffalo is also using an SoC from AnnapurnaLabs (Alpine AL-314) in both platforms, with four cores operating at a clock frequency of 1.7 GHz. Memory is 4 GB DDR3 RAM with ECC installed. Whether this can be extended, is unclear at the present time. As a special feature, the TeraStation 5210DF has a 10 Gbit LAN port, which is compatible with the slow-speed 2.5 GbE and 5 GbE networks over the 802.3bz network standard.

Buffalo TeraStation 5210DF

In addition, according to the published data sheet ( PDF ), two classic Gigabit LAN ports are available at the rear of the housing. Two USB 3.0 sockets (Type A) are also installed at the same location.

Duplex firmware with boot authentication

A duplex firmware that also provides boot authentication is also an extended security feature for SMBs in the TeraStation 5210DF. The firmware is installed both on the mainboard as well as on the data carriers, which means, according to Buffalo, a boot procedure is possible at any time if an option fails. The energy consumption is indicated by the manufacturer at rest with 8 watts. It should be 15 watts with the data carriers enabled. Typically, the 5210DF consumes 30 watts.

From 766 Euro listed but not available

The Buffalo TeraStation 5210DF is now available with a three-year warranty including 24-hour replacement program for defective data carriers. The 512-gigabyte model will reach the retailer with a non-binding price recommendation of 839 euros. For the variant with 2 TByte storage space the manufacturer calls a UVP of 1,599 euros. Both versions of the TeraStation 5210DF are currently listed price comparison for 766 Euro and 1.449 Euro, respectively, but are not yet available. The availability is promised by first dealers for early June.



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