Stealth, NVIDIA Released Gaming PC Revival Kit

NVIDIA quietly released a new product called NVDIA PC Gaming Revival Kit.

According to VideoCardz, the products were only recently confirmed the sale in Spain. Up to now it is still not known whether the new products will also be sold in other countries.

NVIDIA PC Gaming Revival Kit is a bundle package containing a wide range of hardware as well as bonus games on it.

PC hardware that is included in this package of which is the graphics card MSI 1060 GTX OC 3GT, SSD Corsair Force Series LE 240, CX450M Corsair power supply, and a game Gears of War 4. Everything is for sale at a price of EUR399

VideoCardz said the special package is not a sale at a discount, but it is intended for those who want to change the old PC into a PC to play games without the need to wonder what components need to be purchased.

Because, if the entire contents of the package is purchased separately, the price is not much different from the price of the package sales of NVIDIA.

In his official writings were written in Spanish, NVIDIA said PC Gaming Revival Kit is a product for those who want to be a PC gamer.

PC Gaming Revival Kit contains components that have been specifically so that your PC can be a gaming PC that can play all the latest games.

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