Raijintek Introduced Asterion Plus and Classic

The company Raijintek announced two new Asterion line of the body, which is called the Plus and the Classic, and its have very high capacity, as well as an attractive appearance. Between a body characterized in that the model Plus both side panels are made from acrylic, while the Classic model – tempered glass.


In general, the case is very similar to each other. They are both made of aluminum (outer panels except the side) and steel (the chassis). Corps support the installation of the motherboard up to size E-ATX, graphics cards up to 340 mm CPU cooling systems up to 180 mm. The number of expansion slots is equal to eight, and to install storage devices, there are three universal 2.5- / 3.5-inch and three 2.5-inch bays. Note that the housing Asterion Plus also supports the installation of a thin (Slim) optical drive.


In each of the cases and Asterion Plus Classic preinstalled on three 120-mm fan with circular LED backlight, two of which are mounted on the front panel, and one – on the back. Overall, the front panel can be set up to two 140-mm and three 120 mm fans or a radiator to LSS sizes 280 and 360 mm. In the top panel the same placement opportunities coolers, as well as at the front. A fan on the rear panel can be replaced by 140-mm model.


Corps Raijintek Asterion Plus and Asterion Classic is already available for pre- order in the UK at a price of 160 and 153 pounds, respectively.

Another source, they told Asterion and Obelion against Jonsbo not beautiful!


Raijintek has unveiled its new case named Asterion. It mixes brushed aluminum throughout, aluminum chassis and has two side walls tempered glass. If you look at the pictures, you will see that it is obvious that it was inspired by the work and its Jonsbo UMX4 to develop this Asterion. Look does not necessarily mean identical copy, and indeed there are some differences between the two.


Then it bousin ATX 525mm x 464mm measuring up deep x 230mm wide, it’s still a beautiful interior space that is offered. Due to the presence of two tempered glass windows, and despite the use of aluminum, the total weight increases to 10.4 kg. It’s enough to place 3 3.5 Storage Devices “and as in 2.5”, while the motherboard can be E-ATX or mini-ITX, it leaves room!

Ventilation is entrusted to 1x120mm series on the back and on the front 2x120mm, but they can be replaced by 140mm if you prefer. Note that on the same front, there is the possibility of adding a 120mm, while on the top, are 3×120 or 2x140mm that can take up residence. These two places clad mills can accommodate an AIO 240 to 360mm instead of the fans.

The panel connectors front is classic, it’s the least we can say with 4 USB 3.0 ports, and taken his helmet HD + microphone. The radius of the limits, the cooler must not exceed 180mm height, 340mm graphics card if you keep the mill in front, if you take it off you can go up to 400mm. It will be available from November 4 to € 149.90. Highly Test!

There anything cons in this case:

– The power supply down
– The front without slot 5 “1/4 and without air vent
– The perforated top and with connectors that will take the dust
– the glass side wall that lets stray radiation

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