NVIDIA to Releasing GTX 1080Ti

Vidia finally confirmed the existence of GTX 1080Ti. According WCCFTech, recently, a new graphics card NVIDIA confirmed through a post late on LinkedIn. NVIDIA writing, these new graphics cards targeting the enthusiast-class users, especially users GTX 980Ti. Thus, we can be sure the graphics card is the GTX 1080Ti.

The existence GTX 1080Ti indeed has long been rumored. Previously, NVIDIA rumored to open new jobs to develop this graphics card. After that, rumors about the specifications of the GTX 1080Ti began circulating on the Internet. Later, NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti also confirmed to be present with a special offer for GTX 980Ti users.

Special offer in question is a program to upgrade to the GTX 1080Ti for users GTX 980Ti. In addition, the GTX 980Ti also promised voters will have priority to get a GTX 1080Ti when first released later. However, it is yet unclear whether the program will only be made by NVIDIA alone or also followed by other vendors.

According to leaked information before, GTX 1080Ti GDDR5X will has 10GB of memory, 2GB or greater than GTX 1080. In addition, GTX 1080Ti is also rumored to be using the same GPU As Pascal GP102 GTX Titan X Pascal. This graphics card is expected to be introduced at CES 2017 early next month.

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