Nvidia presents ‘the world’s strongest graphics card’ Titan Xp

The graphic specialist Nvidia has presented the Titan Xp its most powerful graphics card for PC systems. The launch took place without a big announcement, so that well-heeled game fans can hit directly and hold the new GPU within a few days in the hands.

The Nvidia GeForce Titan Xp is an updated version of Titan X, introduced last year, which was falsely also partly called Titan XP. The “real” GeForce Titanium Xp is based on the same Nvidia “Pascal” architecture and can now be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s online shop in many country.

The Nvidia Titan Xp with its unrivaled graphics performance costs about $1400 and is to be available immediately. It is based on a Nvidia Pascal GP102 GPU in its highest configuration, so that all 3840 CUDA cores can be used. For comparison: with the Titan X and the recently introduced Nvdia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, “only” 3584 CUDA cores are available.

If you wanted to get a graphics card with GP102-GPU, you had to invest a few thousand euros in the purchase of an Nvidia Quadro P6000, which is actually intended for professional workstations and servers. With the Titan Xp the clock rate of the graphics memory increases slightly and is now at 11.4 gigahertz, while the graphics chip itself also runs somewhat faster and reaches 1582 Megahertz. Last year’s Titan X was still 1531 MHz.

The size of the GDDR5X memory installed here remains the same as 12 gigabytes, which is also true for the bandwidth of the 384-bit memory connection. Due to the increased clock rate of the graphics memory, however, the graphics throughput increases significantly and now reaches 547.7 gigabytes per second. Nvidia gives the total performance of the GeForce Titan Xp with 12 TeraFLOP.

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