Kind Velocity Micro Vector Desktop Computers

Velocity Micro Vector series of desktop computers based on Intel CPU consists of four models: HD25, Z20, Z25 and Z35. They are designed for use multimedia and home in general and small office use .. The Vector series combines fast and advanced graphics processors and sound cards to an emphasis on home theater applications, film editing and music. Velocity Micro direct sales site offers standard and advanced configuration options for each Vector model. Velocity Micro

Velocity Micro Vector Z35
Velocity Micro Vector Z35

Velocity Micro Vector HD25 – CPU and Audio

Velocity Micro Vector HD25 is a home computer or small office budget that includes advanced capabilities for audio and video. Its Intel Core CPU options range from i3- 530 to 2.93 GHz with -680 i5 3.6 GHz. The standard audio interface for this model is the high-definition card eight high-power Intel channels. The option available for direct buyers of Vector HD25 is a Creative Labs Sound Blaster X card – Fi Xtreme Audio -. Both options include various outlets and ports for home theater sound systems

Velocity Micro Vector HD25 -. Video

The standard video option for this model is an Intel integrated graphics. Advanced options include three NVIDIA cards:. The GeForce GT240 card with a cache of 512 MB, GeForce GT430 card with a 1 GB cache and GeForce GT250 card with a cache of 512 MB which allows the use of two monitors simultaneously

Velocity Micro Vector Z20 – CPU and Audio

Velocity Micro Vector Z20 is a multimedia computer true that also includes features for gaming and a better use of the Internet. Its base is an Intel Core i3 -560 at 3.66 GHz and the options include an i5 -650 as well as a Quad Core i5- 760. The standard audio card for this model is an integrated on-board Asus board 7.1 sound high-definition channel that is compatible with home theater sound systems. The quality hi-fi card Creative Labs Sound Blaster X – Fi Xtreme Audio – is also available for the Z20

Velocity Micro Vector Z20 -. Video

The default video card for the Vector Z20 is the powerful NVIDIA GeForce GT240 card with a MB cache 512. A cache dual- monitor 1 GB GTS 450 NVIDIA card is available as an upgrade option. The most powerful of available video update on the Velocity Micro site to purchase this model is the cache of 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5750 with PCI 2.0, the 16 – channel architecture

Velocity Micro Vector Z25 -. CPU and Audio

Velocity Micro Vector Z25 is based on quad core Intel CPUs SandyBridge ranging from -2300 i5 at 2.8 GHz for i7- 2600K to 3.40 GHz. This model is recommended for gaming, home theater and digital media, as well as recording, mixing and editing music. It is equipped with a standard on-board 7.1 sound card High Definition channel with an input connector / output S / PDIF to connect the audiophile equipment. The card Creative Labs Sound Blaster X – Fi Xtreme Audio – the advanced audio option for Z25

Velocity Micro Vector Z25 -. Video

The standard video option for the Z25 is the NVIDIA GeForce GT430 card with a 1 GB cache. A dual- monitor 1 GB cache GTS 450 and 768 card MB cache GeForce GTX 460 with GDDR 5 memory are the two more advanced options Nvidia card for this style. The three most advanced options of the video card is ATI cards, the Radeon HD 6850 with 1 GB of cache and Radeon HD 6870 with 1 GB cache, as well as the HD 6850 Radeon model with a 2 x 1 GB cache (two separate 1GB chip cache memory)

Velocity Micro Vector Z35 -. CPU and Audio

the Vector Z35 is the Vector line top with a quad core Intel i7 -950 3.06GHz as its default processor and a hex core i7 -970 as their first option. This model is for home office use where speed is the main concern, as well as editing movies and photos. Its standard audio is an integrated Intel high-definition audio card eight channels, and the Sound- Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Creative Labs is one of two advanced sound options. Additional sound and most powerful option for this model is the card Creative Labs Sound -Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer

Velocity Micro Vector Z35 -. Video

The default video card included with this model is the graphics card 512MB ATI Radeon HD4650. Three NVIDIA options are available for the Vector Z35: GeForce GT430 GB card 1, the GTS 450 with two monitors 1GB card and 768MB of GeForce GTX 460 with GDDR memory -5. The two most powerful options for Z35 are ATI: Radeon HD 6850 and Radeon HD 6870, both with a 1 GB cache

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