Should You Invest in an i7 for the Extra Threads?

CPU for open world type games with the rise of dx12 should you invest in an i7 for the extra threads or stick to an i5.


If you’re going 1080p and a 1060 then I would get a 6500. In my opinion it’s the best i5 for the price really, and it’s what I would have gotten if I stuck to my original budget.

Yeah they sometimes don’t need as powerful a rig as what they say. I think bf1 called for an i7, but heaps of people had no problems playing with an i5.

Hence the reason I went with an i7 lol. Before that it was 8 years since I had upgraded, so I got the best I could with the money I had, and picked up an r9 280 off a mate for $100. Gpu will be the next thing I’ll get.

I went with the 6700k because x99 would have been way over the top for me. 6 cores will be very futureproof. With dx12 it should be. Though with anything else it’s overkill unless you do more than just play games. There’s such a thing as more futureproof though.

Yeah an i7 would handle games better if the industry did turn towards more extra threads. I don’t recommend i7’s to anybody unless they’re doing a lot of editing, streaming etc. For just gaming you will not need more than an i5. unless you decide to go for an older gen i7, that is. but hey, it’s your money.

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