Intel vs AMD debate

This might trigger some people, but keep in mind this is my own personal opinion. Keep it friendly please.
Ok its time to weigh in on the Intel vs AMD debate.

1. Just to be clear for years and years I was an AMD “fanboy”(and in many ways I still am) just for the fact that they were cheaper and were really competitive with Intel in terms of performance back in the day.

2. The only reason I went with Intel when i built my new PC in February was that Ryzen was not out yet (it came out two months later I believe.) and plus I wanted a system that had DDR4 RAM in stead of DDR3.

3. Since I have made the switch to Intel I have noticed that I everything that I used to do on my old AMD A8 build is totally improved, ie. gaming, video editing, and even general internet usage.

4. I am happy with the choices I made when I switched from AMD to Intel.

5. But if Ryzen had been available when I was picking parts I would have gone with AMD instead of Intel.

6. Ryzen seems to have a great architecture and i probably would have been happy and content with it. But from all of the benchmarks I have seen, Intel, at least with the Core I5 7600k that I have, seems to be just a bit better compared to Ryzen 5, not by much though mind you.

So yeah that’s my own personal take on it. And to put a point on it. Its ok to be loyal to a brand if that brand is a good product, but there is a point to where being loyal to a brand just because of the brand is a detriment. (Christopher MP)

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