HP Printers: Blockage of the Cartridge with a New Chip Already Bypassed

The problem over HP printer and an update that prevents the use of third-party ink cartridges, continue circling. Vendor 3T Supplies has a new chip integrated, which allows the use again.


HP printer to work with cartridges from HP

HP has after years many printers and MFPs donated an update that has caused quite a stir and anger among customers. Indeed, updated the update the firmware while blocking the use of ink cartridges that come from third parties. The biggest problem of the printer manufacturers are counterfeit cartridges that cost only a fraction of the original cartridges, and still offer the same quality. The HP will no longer accept and only allows the use of HP ink cartridges and selected partners such as Pelican.

It now develops a cat-and-mouse game, because the industry to counterfeit cartridges, which are significantly cheaper than the originals, of course gigantic and especially with HP printers such cartridges with customers are very popular. The Swiss supplier 3T Supplies has the blockade with its latest chip already broken through and now again allowed access to their cartridges actually blocked printers. Customers who are affected by the problem can exchange their already purchased Peach cartridges. Other manufacturers of cartridges will follow with safety and bypass the blockade of HP.

What will HP now do about it?

One thing is clear, the action with the blocked cartridges in HP printers has brought the company no good PR and will leave sooner or later deal. Furthermore, customers could now purchase the HP printers refrain because of the risk that might back a new firmware is distributed and you will be locked out again. In the case, one should not allow updates. The number of users who buy cartridges from other manufacturers is enormous.

Maybe the company should invest the money and energy in order to make their own cartridges cheaper – so actually less customers would grab at cheaper cartridges from other manufacturers, instead by a blockage, which can be bypassed. HP will soon take over the printer business of Samsung and thus an even bigger player in this market.

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