Hardisk brands and its plus and minus review

Hard drive is one of the components of the computer is very important. Harddisk very important role in every process performed by computers. If there is no hard drive, a laptop will never be used. Because of the hard drive, the data is stored operating system installation. Laptop hard drive and a different computer, if the computer hard drive usually measuring 3.5 inches, while the smaller laptop hard drive is 2.5 inches. Although different in size, but the system works remains the same.

So, which brands the best hard drive? This question is very often heard by us. We think everything is good, but it all depends on how you use it. What are clear prices never lie, then there will be no price quality. That is the higher price of the hard drive, then the better the quality, the average does so.

So what are the plus and minus of the hard drive brand? Here are 5 brands hard disk to be reviewed.

1. Seagate

Seagate hard disk brand is superior in performance. Seagate hard drive has a high speed is 5400-7200 RPM. But with the high RPM Seagate hard disk, then this disk quickly cause heat. Laptop manufacturers who often use Seagate hard drives are Acer, Asus, and Samsung. Seagate is also able to survive turned on for 24 hours straight, this is one of the advantages of this Seagate hard drive.

2.Western Digital (WD)

This hard drive brand is superior in durability and performance. WD hard drive is a product of American origin. It is very competitive in the market with Seagate brand hard drives. Only WD hard drive brands is not good when used for 24 hours nonstop. WD hard drive is not fast heat even when taken for a long time. Performance offered by WD hard drive is very good, and usually for the gamers, many also use WD hard drive as the storage medium for performing well or stable.

3. HGST (Hitachi GST)

This brand often encounters on laptops brands Acer and Asus. The advantages of this hard drive is durability that can last up to 5 years. For the speed of the not lose with class WD hard drive, Hitachi’s hard drive but sometimes wasteful batteries. Hitachi hard drive brands and sold at a price almost equal to 2 above brands. But sometimes Hitachi has a cheaper price.

4. Toshiba

Toshiba’s performance is not inferior to the hard disk over, and sometimes able to beat the performance of hard disk WD brand. The hard drive is sold at a lower price and of course easy to find. However, this hard drive problems with durability, because the disk is easily damaged and could not stand the shock.

5. Fujitsu

This brand had been succeeding the year 2007-2010. This hard drive is also no less competitive than hard drives above. This hard drive can still be taken into account as well. Only the hard drive brand is less known in the community. Laptop manufacturers often use this hard drive brand is Toshiba.

All it depend on you again, how care you use the hard drive. If the disk that you treat them properly, then the hard drive will be durable and vice versa. Harddisk too often formatted or re-installed will be quickly damaged.

A few reviews on the hardisk brands and hopefully useful article to all who read it. Thank you for visiting this stupid blog.

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