Difference Textures Nvidia Geforce vs AMD Radeon

NVIDIA and AMD cards, I have noticed some kind of difference in textures and colors between NVIDIA and AMD in gameplay footages. I mean, the textures and colors are little bit enhanced in AMD footage with same graphics settings. Also, I’ve heard that NVIDIA compresses the quality and decreases “Post-Processing” in games to higher the fps, where that weird thing don’t exist in AMD. Is this really true?

It’s possible. I have heard in the past that maybe some of Nvidia’s delta color compression, for example, may make some things not look as vibrant than they did on AMD. I myself never noticed a difference. It may also lie in the components of the GPU itself. AMD has also moved over to the same side NVidia as now they too do compression. its better this way. It allows for greater power saving and great movement of information without a larger bus.

Does NVIDIA really degrade the quality in games?

I don’t believe they degrade quality. Look at benchmarks. The best card right now is the Nvidia GTX 1080.


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