Consideration Your CPU Heat Under Load

Have you taken into consideration your CPU heat under load? fro example question, which is better upgrade route for this specs:

FX 6350 @ 4.2 NO TURBO
16GB DDR3 1866MHz RAM
R9 290X 4GB OC

Now the problem is I believe that my poor little 6350 cant cope with the R9 290X SO instead of swapping out for a newer re-branded version of an R9 (was guna go for 390X/Fury EVEN MORE BOTTLENECK)

amd radeon gpu

Now please dont say ‘Get Intel better upgrade route’ I would be more than happy to wait with my current system with a rx in until AM4 platform comes out then il get a new mobo/Zen CPU/DDR4 RAM.

So my question is will the rx480 8GB bottleneck my 6350 in the mean time? and if so will it bottleneck as much as my 290X OR if I swapped out for a 390X/Fury?

Also I see the rx480 as future proofing for when I get AM4.


The answer

CPU shouldn’t be giving you any problems if it’s staying cool.

You’re probably building up heat and the CPU is being affected. As far as the come to the Darkside or Intel argument it’s pretty valid. Intel has a CPU that beats AMD in any spot on the board and does it at a lower price. Taking into consideration you made a bad choice by thinking you were actually saving money by choosing an AMD motherboard and the cost of replacing it with something you can use an Intel on you’re sort stuck with the bad choice or forced to buy your way out of that poor decision.

I love AMD though. Don’t get me wrong. They’re just aware they don’t need to compete with Intel and so they haven’t attempted to do so in recent years. It was a smart move for them. As far as GPU’s go they make Invidia seem like either a bad value as far as performance/price goes or just the leading GPU goes if someone wants the best but isn’t concerned with price necessarily. You’d be surprised how well some of Nvidia lower end GPU’s perform though as far as performance/price goes. I use a 2GB EVGA GT520 GPU in one of my builds that I literally spent like $20 on that plays BF4 in 720p at acceptable fps. People don’t really consider how much more you start to pay for what little actual performance you gain when going with Invidia and don’t even consider the lower end cards that are available and super affordable. If you’re going to try and save yourself money an Intel G3258 CPU overclocked and an AMD GPU would be the smartest option.


Another answer

Don’t get a 8350 I have one and a 970 and it’s really struggling on the new games

Bottlenecking, fallout 4 when ever I’m in diamond city or in a area with alot of shadows it stutters at like 35 fps and there’s no point whern zen is about to release its 4 years old now AM3+ isnt all that great. I have to overclock it a bit for it to stay normal

This was my results with the Cpu at 4.6 GHZ

firestrike 970 3dmark nvidia amd 8350 4,6

Shadow quality and distance are already on low and medium and I turned off depth of field and it’s more than just fallout.

Ill go with it in a bit and let you know what happens. I have a feeling it could be my 970 its the EVGA FTW+ I thinks it’s overclock is messing it up



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