Colorful GTX 1050: Entry Level VGA Review

Some time ago I had time to review one of the beginner class graphics card from the “red camp” that is PowerColor Red Dragon RX 560. This time, I will review the opponent of the green camp is Colorful GTX 1050. This novice graphics card is very similar to the RX class 560, but comes with somewhat different specifications.

Colorful GTX 1050 comes with a special cooling system with two fans. The use of two fans is somewhat different, as most beginner graphics cartons use only one fan in their cooling system, just as PowerColor Red Dragon RX 560 is a direct competitor.

However, this graphics card body is still quite small. Big body is very similar to Red Dragon RX 560. Interestingly, this graphics card cooling system is using heatpipe so that the heat can be channeled very well. However, you must reconsider if you want to use this graphics card on a mini-sized PC because the fan does not spout hot air out.

In addition to performing with a special cooling system that has been qualified, Colorful GTX 1050 looks already equipped with a backplate. Backplate existence is also quite rare in the beginner graphics card class, so it can be added value for this graphics card.

While the video option on this graphics card still follows the average standard of the beginner’s graphics card. Colorful GTX 1050 is equipped with HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort ports. There is no D-Sub port on this graphics card, so if still using an old type monitor you should use the converter.

This graphics card is also very power-efficient. It uses only one 6-pin connector in order to run optimally. Not only that, according to the specifications on the official website Colorful GTX 1050 has only 75 watts TDP.


I was actually surprised when testing this graphics card. In testing using 3DMark Fire Strike, this graphics card managed to produce a score far enough above the Red Dragon RX 560. This graphics card scores in 3DMark Fire Strike is 6112 points, while Red Dragon RX 650 is only able to produce a score of 5708 points.

The difference in the score is quite distant, and should also apply in game testing. Unfortunately, the performance of Colorful GTX 1050 is not much different from its direct competitor, the Red Dragon RX 560. The test uses three games: The Witcher 3, Ashes of The Singularity, and Ghost Recon Wildlands concluded that this graphics card can still be used to play AAA games but must sacrificing graphic quality.

One of the shortcomings of Colorful GTX 1050 is its great memory which is only 2GB. In some cases, the large memory is problematic especially when playing with higher graphics settings.


When viewed from the cooling system and appearance, Colorful GTX 1050 does look more attractive than its main competitor this time the Red Dragon RX 560. But the performance to play the game, he can be said to be parallel to that rival. The price is also not far away with its competitors. This graphics card price at $140.

If asked to vote, for this time I am more inclined to support the red camp rather than this graphics card. In addition to having a larger memory, performance and price does not vary much with this graphics card.

Colorful GTX 1050

Got a backplate
The cooling system is qualified

Standard gaming performance
Small memory

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