AMD Ryzen 7 & 5, FX, Phenom II and APUs Benchmark Comparison

In the great test of AMD Ryzen 5 1600X, 1600, 1500X and 1400 is an interesting comparison in the benchmarks amid the many processors of Intel not to recognize at first glance: The CPUs of the last years of AMD. The comparison of the series of the last years contains interesting details.

Ryzen 5 1400 before FX-9590 at 200 Watt less consumption

For example, even the smallest Ryzen 5 1400 with 65 Watt TDP still achieves the performance of the former fastest processor from AMD, the FX-9590 with 220 Watt TDP. Under load on all cores in Cinebench R15 (Download), however, the test system with the new CPU consumes only 90 watts, while the computer with the old FX CPU draws 288 watts from the socket – that is more than three times as much.

Compared to the second-fastest multi-core processor without a modular design, the Phenom II X6 1090T from 2011, the Ryzen 5 entry-level model is on average 70 percent faster; With a still 70 percent lower consumption in the Cinebench R15 multi-core test.

Compared to the Phenom II X6 1090T with six real cores, the performance of the current APUs with four modules based on Kaveri was compared to the Phenom II X6 with AMD Ryzen 7, following the test of Ryzen 7 1800X, 1700X and 1700 CPU-GPU combination, the older architecture is scarce in current applications. In view of Ryzen, however, Kaveri is also slow.

The prices of the FX processors fall

On the price of the FX processors, the concept of Ryzen has hitherto been different. FX-6300 and FX-8300 have fallen by five to ten percent since the beginning of March, while the FX-6370 has a 21 percent increase. The former top model, the FX-9590, has a further 13 per cent on just 165 euros and is thus just as expensive as the FX-8370, which is compatible with 125 watts TDP to significantly more mainboards. The slightly faster Ryzen 5 1400 costs almost 20 euros more, but also needs the new platform around the socket AM4.

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