AMD Newest VGA Card Radeon Vega Frontier

Towards the technology exhibition Computex 2017, AMD surprisingly introduces the latest variant Vega graphics card.

Vega graphics card called Radeon Edition Frontier was introduced in AMD Financial Analyst Day event that just took place. According to AnandTech, the graphics card is present to upper-class consumers. He even claimed to be much faster than the Radeon Fury X which is a premium graphics card AMD before.

amd workstation card specification comparison

AMD even gives detailed specifications of the Radeon Vega Frontier this time. The graphics card will appear with 4096 stream processors and 16GB of memory. The memory type used HBM2 which has a speed of up to 1,88Gbps, bandwidth up to 480GBps, and 2048-bit memory bus. Of course, this graphics card will use the latest Vega GPU with 14nm architecture as Polaris.

Radeon Vega Frontier will also perform with the boost clock until 1,59GHz. The class of graphics card is claimed will have a performance by 13TFLOPS in vogue single precision and 26TFLOPS for half precision. The figure is far above the Radeon Fury X only has the performance of 8,6TFLOPS in each mode.

Just like Radeon Fury X, Vega also featured with Frontier liquid cooling systems or water cooling. AMD did not say how the level of power consumption on this graphics card. Exactly Radeon Vega Frontier comes with two power connectors with a total of 16 pins. Thus it can be said he will have a power consumption of about 250W.

Frontier also announced Vega will be marketed in the near future, namely in June 2017.

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