AMD Delivers GPU Polaris for 5K Resolution Content

AMD has not stopped presenting their latest GPU architecture, Polaris. After several products GPUs for desktop PCs, AMD now brings Polaris to the workstation. They bring the line graphics card with GPU Radeon Pro WX Series, which is intended specifically by AMD for content developers to 4K game and VR.


All lines GPU Radeon Pro WX is built with architectural Polaris. AMD claims that Radeon Pro WX supports the display resolutions up to 5K. Currently, 5K resolution is still not widely used. However, AMD is already set up support for Radeon WX Series 5K at the latest, to ensure the line is ready for the next generation.

Recently, there are three Radeon Pro WX introduced by AMD – WX4100, WX5100 and WX7100. Radeon 4100 Pro WX is the cheapest variant of the Radeon Pro WX Series, with 8 GB RAM GDDR4, under 50 Watt TDP, and the price of USD 399. AMD calls this GPU is suitable for workers CAD / CAM today and supports one monitor 5K 60 Hz or four 4K monitors.

While the Radeon Pro WX5100 and WX7100 more devoted to creators of games and VR. Radeon Pro WX5100 comes with the price at $ 499 and comes with 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM and TDP below 75 Watt. While the Radeon Pro WX7100 offers performance up to 8x higher than WX5100, and marketed at a higher price, $ 799, with the TDP below 130 Watt. Both referred to already have adequate performance for 4K and 5K content.

AMD says that the line of Radeon Pro WX will be available in the market starting in November 2016. However, it is not certain when exactly Radeon Pro WX will be available. It is expected to be the best choice for content creators who want to build a workstation to distribute their digital creations.

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