Acer Predator G3605 Desktop PC System Test

Review: Acer Predator G3605 Desktop PC System Test


Stylish gaming desktop

Ambitious PC gamers who do not want to screw, but above all want to play, should look at the Acer Predator G3605 from Acer. The new Predator series has a clever design and high-end components.

The pc dekstop is about 15 kilograms heavily and has the dimensions 180 x 438 x 430 millimeter.

There is also a carry handle integrated to LAN parties. The upper side is penetrated by grooves. In these, the cables of the keyboard, mouse or an external hard disk can be removed.

The case is held in a black piano lacquer finish and is traversed by orange stripes. An extendable tray accommodates a headset.


Inside is a current Intel Core i7-4770 from the Intel Haswell series. The four physical cores provide a clock frequency of 3.5 gigahertz, whereby a core can reach up to 3.9 gigahertz by the Intel Turbo Boost technology at short notice.

It is currently the fastest desktop processor in the home computing segment and is not only interesting for PC gamers. Thanks to Hyper-Threading, tasks in the area of video and photo processing can also be processed quickly.

The graphics card is based on hardware from Nvidia. The GeForce GTX 670 offers 2.048 megabytes of video memory and is fast enough to display current games at high resolutions.

A 500 watt power supply takes care of the power supply.

Depending on the version, the current Microsoft Windows 8 operating system is preinstalled.

Eight gigabytes of DDR3 memory are already installed, a maximum of 32 gigabytes can be used.


The operating system and the programs sit on a 120 gigabyte large SSD while on a 2,000 megabyte large HDD large amounts of data can be stored.

An integrated memory card reader records Flash memory in SD format. In the PC Mark 7 benchmark the hardware reaches 6.191 points and in the 3D Mark Fire Strike it is 5.350 points.

Acer has consistently developed the Predator series and put together a decent overall package.

The hardware is powerful enough to deliver enough power even in two, three years. At the moment, some EUR 1,300 is still due.

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