Xbox One Scorpio: Is Freesync hardly used?

The Xbox One Scorpio will support the Freesync standard. But what about the games?

Unlike the conventional Xbox One, Microsoft has announced the support of the Freesync technology for the Project Scorpio, which supports dynamic image refresh rates and thus counteracts tearing. Whether the feature is also used by the developers in the games is, however, on another sheet. Jules-Benjamin Lalisse, head of Eko Software, does not believe in any broad support for the feature. In his opinion, this has two reasons.

The first obstacle is the fact that the Xbox One does not support free sync. In addition, the fact that the feature can only be used with a suitable display. In sum, only a fraction of the users can actually use the Freesync feature. As a result, Lalisse believes that many developers will shy away from the additional programming work.

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