PS4 Pro Bundle Offers with FIFA 17, Battlefield 1 and More

Anyone who wants to buy a PS4 Pro will be on Black Friday. Bundles with Battlefield 1, FIFA 17 or Tomb Raider and more are available on Amazon from 399 euros.


The PS4 Pro provides more power and better graphics for games. Now there are good deals!

The PS4 Pro regularly costs 399 euros. For the Black Friday, at this price on Amazon, there are now attractive bundles with current top games. You can get a PS4 Pro (1 TB) with FIFA 17 as Steelbook Edition, with Watchdogs 2 as Steelbook Edition, with Battlefield 1 or with Rise of The Tomb Raider in the Anniversary Edition for exactly the non-committal price recommendation of the console. If you put 50 euros on it, the Bethesda bundle with Dishonored 2 and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim as revised Special Edition for 449 euros.

The mentioned games offer different optimizations for the PS4 Pro, which are retrofitted by patch. So there may be a higher performance, there a better graphics by higher resolutions or better textures and more. As Sony has promised, it is not per se about special variants of the games. You can also use the discs on the “old” PS4 or the new, small PS4 (Slim).

If we base a single price of around 50 to 60 euros for each of the current games, you get a PS4 Pro for the price of 340 to 350 euros. This amount was still valid until a few months ago as a non-committal price recommendation for the original Playstation-4 in the second revision. You should therefore strike, while stocks last and Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2016 has not expired.

Not only do games look better or run smoother with the PS4 Pro than with the original. You can now also enjoy streaming content from Youtube, Netflix and Co. in higher resolutions up to 4K, including High Dynamic Range (HDR). The PS4 provides an HDMI 2.0 output and enough computing power to ensure the required picture rate and video quality on modern 4K TVs. The following links will help you to find the right PS4 Pro offer.

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