PlayStation 3: Sony bury a success story

Sony will no longer produce the PlayStation 3 in Japan’s home market. The PS3 had a difficult start but developed nevertheless to a great success for Sony. She came to the market in 2006.

Playstation 3: Sony retires console retirement

With the PlayStation 3 it is slowly, but surely to an end. As the Gematsu site reports, Sony has discontinued the production of the console in the home market of Japan. The PlayStation 3 was released in 2006 and sold around 87 million times worldwide.

The fact that the PlayStation 3 is nearing its end was more or less foreseeable – Sony had already some time ago declared that the “PlayStation Now” support for the console was discontinued in the middle of August 2017, which suggested that the PS 3 their Best times.

What about the PlayStation 5?

Although the PlayStation 4 is likely to remain a long time Sony’s flagship on the console market, is already speculated about when the PlayStation 5 comes on the market and what features it will bring. What is already known about the console can be found in our article about PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation 3 is already the second console, which will be carried to a tomb within a short time. Just a few months ago, Nintendo announced that the production of the Wii U is discontinued. The Nintendo console is in contrast to the PS 3 but probably a great flop into the story.

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