Nintendo Switch Support Up to 8 Accounts, eShop Any Regions

Nintendo is already disclosed various details about their new console called the Nintendo Switch. But unfortunately, the information disclosed even raise more questions, for example about the region-free.

Kotaku has sent questions to Nintendo about Switch, ranging from about backward compatibility to Miiverse. But one of the interesting things revealed is the matter of whether the eShop will be region-free as the console or not. This is quite important when you buy a game from Japan and want to download the DLC her. Kotaku asked, “Is the online store will be region-free or only cartridge alone?” Here are answers Nintendo.

Nintendo Console Switch is not in lock-region, but we recommend players to buy the game in accordance with the area to get service and full support. Players will be able to access Nintendo eShop according to the country they specify in their Account Nintendo. (Up to 8 player account can be made in 1 Console Switch.)

If from the explanation, it is likely the way it works is similar to the PS3 or PS4. You can create a new PlayStation Network account in accordance with the desired online store for the area (for example, Japanese address input to create an account Japanese territory). After that, you can access PlayStation Store Japan without any problems and buy a variety of digital content. You can log in to another account to access the store from a different area.

Nintendo Switch will be released on March 3, 2017 worldwide.

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