Lego City Undercover PC with technical porting problems

The PC version of Lego City Undercover created by TT Games upset buyers with technical defects and a superficial porting that ignores the established standards of PC games. There is, therefore, no shortage of problems, which the players at the moment thoroughly the fun.

After Batman: Arkham Knight, which was also plagued by serious problems on the PC, WB Games has been responsible for the next failed port. Lego City Undercover, the “Lego-GTA”, lacks rock, paper, shotgun, such as mouse support. The option to switch between inputs via mouse and keyboard as well as through a gamepad at any time is also missing, the change of the input device must be done manually by menu option.

lego city undercover pc

lego city undercover pc

Even the resolution can not be changed regularly in the game and is set to a default value of 1,280 × 1,024 pixels with a long-time no longer customary aspect ratio of 5: 4. Setting the resolution after the game start is only possible once, but with an Nvidia graphic card leads to a blackscreen, which makes a reboot of the computer necessary. The use of Alt + Tab also leads to an immediate crash.

Furthermore, the page does not allow you to select the button to apply changes. Each of the frequent (new) starts of the game also forces you to view virtual postcards, although nothing is loaded – the main menu appears after 58 seconds.

Half an opinion

The developers themselves do not go into the inadequate porting. A meager opinion promises only bug fixes for the window mode and the crashes with the use of Alt + Tab. The team is working to “resolve these problems as quickly as possible”. On the numerous missing, actually self-evident features of a PC game the developers do not speak with a word.

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