GPU Overheating Issue in Both Heaven and Firestrike 1.1

Managed to cure my GPU overheating issue in both Heaven and Firestrike with a repaste with Arctic Silver 5 on the GPU core and a good dust of the heatsink and fans.

No more flickering textures/artifacts in either.

Its funny that its still roughly the same temps as before but no artifacts this time which leads me to believe the old paste wasn’t transferring the heat correctly and the AS5 is.

Also managed to get a stable 4.4Ghz overclock on my cpu by dropping my ram speed and timings a tad.

Got a “huge” 6 point increase in Heaven which just proves that the bench is

ALL gpu and 400mhz overclock on the cpu means suck all difference in the score lol.

Got an increase in Firestrike of 144 marks for the 400Mhz overclock too.
Once I’ve got this GPU under water and overclock it then maybe I’ll hit 11K in Firestrike. [jason]

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