Geforce Experience 3.0 : New Version, Easier and faster

Nvidia has released version 3.0 of the software GeForce Experience. The new features include a simplified usage surface, Nvidia news as information about Game-ready drivers, the Share Overlay UI, and more power: The application works according to Nvidia now three times faster and requires only half as much RAM.


Nvidia says “every element” of GeForce Experience has been revised. The start screen will now provide access to game settings and information with “one click”. A screenshot shows the list of installed games with a large logo.

About the Driver tab also more information about the Game Ready drivers now be provided. Also, reports of about hardware and software of the company can be found there. Introduced in a previous beta version Share Overlay UI¬†for the recording function Shadowplay now finding its way into the final version. Gameplay is now with 60 FPS and a resolution “up to 4K” receivable. The overlay menu control simplifies access within the game.

Can only be used with registration

The application of the new version requires registration with Nvidia. GeForce Experience 3.0 can be downloaded from Nvidia’s download pages. To use no registration is necessary.

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