Which The Best Choice: PS4 Pro vs PS4 Slim

Sony introduced the new PS4 (Slim) with the release date in September, a month later follows the more powerful PS4 Pro. We help with the question: PS4 Pro or PS4 (slim)?


Left: the new PS4, previously referred to as PS4 Slim. Right: the PS4 Pro


Consoles and potential buyers of a PS4 ask themselves “old PS4, the new PS4 (Slim) or the more powerful PS4 Pro buy?”. We are trying to address this issue in this article and to assist you in your decision. The first PS4 has already been on the market since the end of 2013. After two new revisions on 16 September 2016 finally a slim version on the market, as with previous PlayStation generations.

Technically the PS4 (Slim) corresponds to the previous PS4. The disk space, the drive, the performance and most recently the price hardly change to at all. The PS4 (Slim) starts at 299 euros. The previous PS4 is on the same level. Many traders are currently trying to get rid of remaining stocks. So you can make a worthwhile bargain here. If you already have a PS4 (CUH-1xxx series), the new PS4 (Slim) does not need. In addition to a more compact format, the new console only scores with a lower power consumption. Tests on the operating volume have yet to prove whether the Slim is better or worse for the living room ambiance.

For users of older AV receivers is important: The new PS4 (Slim) comes without an optical digital output. For digital 5.1 or 7.1, it offers only the HDMI port. Alternatively, you could connect external sound cards via USB. For home theater fans with AV receivers without HDMI input, which would draw 300 Euro but a dash for console and Blu-ray players, the previous console is the better choice.

PS4 Pro: For gaming enthusiasts, VR and 4K users

The PS4 Pro comes with a larger housing, more power consumption, and more power. Sony has more than doubled the computing power (from 1.84 to 4.2 TFLOPS). This continues to provide hardware from AMD. Streaming and games are supported in resolutions up to (!) 4K. However, a UHD Blu-ray player is not available. Sony continues to rely on the Blu-ray format. Games should remain compatible with the other PS4 consoles. Developers should be able to patch features for the pro retrofit. In addition to higher resolutions, this can be more graphic effects, more performance and further optics of an optical nature. In the foreground are still users with the previous PS4 – of which there are now almost 50 million.

In addition an HDMI 2.0a port, the high frame rates to 4K screens and real HDR (High Dynamic Range) enables full bit depth. Also, the previous consoles should get an HDR update. Due to the older HDMI 1.4a connection, however, the full bandwidth should not be available.

4K and HDR, of course, require a suitable display. Such devices currently only slowly reach the magic price limit of less than € 1,000. In addition to 399 euros for the console, users who want to extend the full potential of the console, so again more than double in addition to a TV set – if not already present. If you want to continue using a 2K display (Full HD), you should also benefit from the technical improvements.

Not to forget is PlaystationVR – Sony’s virtual reality glasses for the PS4. This will also only be able to drive their full potential on the PS4 Pro. The “old” PS4 consoles are supported, but performance and graphics quality are likely to be lower.

PS4 Pro: Better graphics – after a patch

More pictures per second in games (FPS) and better effects are mostly noticeable and visible, but they do not automatically and clearly raise the game fun for each user. Without a 4K TV, which brings full HDR support, the PS4 Pro remains under its possibilities. Therefore, we would currently only have appropriate owners to buy a PS4 Pro – all others will be happy with the “smaller” PS4 versions – unless a higher FPS rate and more graphics effects are giving you the extra price at the purchase or the Cost of an upgrade worth. However, you are dependent on patches from the game developers for each title. On its own, the PS4 Pro’s performance is little.

Also keep in mind: Single player titles can have higher FPS values. In online games, however, Sony will introduce an upper limit, which is based on the previous variants – for understandable fairness reasons.

In the gallery at the end of this message, we show photos of the new console from all sides, including the scope of delivery and connections.

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