Top Sites that Make Your PowerPoint Presentation Better

Are you ready to be the point of attention in class?

Currently the presentation was very influential in all fields, such as business and academic. The presentation is not just rely on good public speaking, but also involve a powerpoint display an attractive audience. Because powerpoint display shows the quality of the speakers and can support the success. Not everyone can make a powerpoint attractive because it requires good design skills.

However, you are not good at design does not mean that can not display the powerpoint elegant. Here, we inform many sites that can support you to make it more attractive powerpoint.


For you who dwell in the field of architecture, Flashdemo very fit to meet the needs of the presentation. Excess Flashdemo sites that provide a 3D view powerpoint templates and other unique images. Fun again, you can download unlimited free templates on this site.

PowerPoint Crystalgraphics

On this site provided more than 30,000 free design templates. It looks simple is very suitable for academic or business seminar.


Templatewise have powerpoint diverse themes and is suitable for a wide range of academic fields. It is not wrong if many colleges using this template as a display presentation. You can customize the theme of what you want and in accordance with the tasks that you have. Fun right?


Soniacoleman very suitable for you regular powerpoint designs in large sizes. By using this tempate you can maximize your powerpoint though at a very wide screen. But still, its formal file you can set yourself know.


Indezine sites focus more on the template that is very supportive for various events such as Christmas, new year and party because Indizine provide abstract colors. Simply by clicking on a theme you want and automatically display Indizine you’ll attract.

Presentations Magazine

56,000 have a selection of attractive templates and create a site according to the category of magazine presentation is suitable for you who wish to combine a variety of design templates that diverse. To save time, you can use the search feature while browsing the template you want.

Brainy Betty

Want to take a powerpoint abstract theme but with varied colors? Brainy Betty answered your problem. This site provides a variety of colors, backgrounds, animations and frames that you can create on view powerpoint.


More than 40 thousand templates available on the website poweredtemplate corresponding to the various categories. Things you should consider when trying to download templates on this site, you are required to log in on the social media accounts even Twitter.

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