Save Image As Jpeg in Coreldraw, Just Simple Way

A “.cdr” format is an extension of the CorelDRAW file. When your work design have done, just save or save as. But keep in mind, when you create a design with CorelDRAW X7, save the results by default is .cdr x7 version. When the file will you open with the older version, for example, CorelDraw x4, it can not be opened.

All the latest versions of Corel Draw cdr format could open the earlier version, but the older version can not open from the newer version of CorelDraw. So make sure before you save the file, needs to consider whether the results of these files will only be used on your computer or be used on another computer / laptop with the different version.

save file corel cdr jpg

Ok, now we discuss how to Save Image As Jpeg in Coreldraw, Just Simple Way, read this.


corel draw format unknown

In the case of save files in coreldraw, there are no image formats that we use such as .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif etc.

Go to the File -> Export, and will be seen in the image below:

export jpg

Dropdown -> jpeg bitmaps

save images corel draw jpg, then the new window to adjust the image quality on the export to the jpg format.


jpeg information setting coreldraw


To consider the quality, usually for such images uploaded on the website, blog, email etc is lower.

Options on the menu include:

  • Original,
  • High Quality Jpeg,
  • Jpeg Medium Quality,
  • Low Quality Jpeg, and
  • Custom.

The higher quality of the image, automatically the file will be bigger of size. You can customize it with the above considerations. For maximum results, use high quality jpeg and tick the check list optimize column.

Corel draw now has many versions, Coreldraw 1-12, Coreldraw X3, X4, X5, X6, and the last in 2015 Corel Draw X7. Start from 13rd versions, the number of ‘1’ replaced with the letter x.

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