Recommendation Wacom Pen Tablet

What did you know about Wacom tablet? Some people ask; more expensive ones worth the premium price? What added functionality do you get over the more basic offerings?


So, let’s learn today.

Commonly, more expensive ones have more pressure sensitivity as well as a larger work surface.

The key is; whats your budget, if you’re professional and have high budget you should look into the wacom cintiq, but if you have low budget intuos pro or non-pro is also fine. Or you could try a cheap Chinese Cintiq copy which are heaps cheaper first. There’s a few of them which are pretty viable alternatives if you need the extra “live view”. Depends on the brand. I hear good things about the Yiynova and Monoprice tablets.

Bamboo Capture is inexpensive and it works well. Just install the drivers when you get it also. You can plug it right in when you get it and it’ll work but once you install the drivers the feel and functionality works a lot better.

Some advice for you if you do go with a Wacom Bamboo. When I first got mine I pressed too hard and I wore out the nib way too fast and I had to learn the hard way that the nibs aren’t available in stores usually and they’re not cheap to replace. Use a lighter press if you can. Also when you’re done with using it always put the stylus back in it’s holder. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why I was having trouble using my mouse after I would use my Wacom but then I realized I was setting my pen down on the tablet and it was giving me feedback.

If you want to step your photoshop game up. Might I suggest learning Adobe Illustrator and learn to use vectors. Once you learn how to use vectors properly you have much better control of what you want to create. I do most of my graphic designing in Illustrator. I really only use Photoshop to do small edits or cropping on raster images and then I drag them into Illustrator.

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