Google AutoDraw transform sketch into art

Google recently released an online tool such as the Paint application in Windows called AutoDraw. Uniquely, this AutoDraw uses machine learning to recognize a rough sketch of users and match them with a better picture and in accordance with the rough sketch.

AutoDraw can be used free of charge and can be used in all types of smartphone, tablet or computer. How it works is quite simple, users draw a sketch that looks like a cat, then AutoDraw will provide an option some cat pictures. Then the user can choose a picture of a cat which in accordance with the wishes of the user.

However, if the user does not want to use these features and want to keep using sketches made, users simply ignore image matching results provided by AutoDraw. AutoDraw technology is also contained in the application made by Google’s experiment called QuickDraw.

While this QuickDraw is a mini-game draw is quite interesting. The user is given 20 seconds to draw an object that is requested by QuickDraw and QuickDraw will tell whether the picture in accordance with the objects requested by QuickDraw.

Even rough designs are enough

The website, which automatically adapts to the display sizes of computers and mobile devices, offers a similar user interface as painting programs. The user sees a white surface on which he can create any drawings by mouse or touch operation.

Once AutoDraw identifies an object, the online tool provides professional versions of the previously painted content in the top bar. The web app recognizes simple motifs such as houses, bathtubs or dolphins. If the user clicks on one of the suggestions, the tool replaces the user drawing with the professional motif, similar to an autocorrection of texts. The objects are reminiscent of modern versions of the previously known clipart.

Over time, AutoDraw is quicker to recognize what even simplest designs should be, according to Google. The motif database is also constantly being expanded. In addition to the actual drawings, texts as well as the shapes circle, square and triangle can be inserted.

When the right image is found, users can download it. Also sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or website link is possible.

Overview of the artists’ motifs

If you would like to look at some of the already existing artist motifs, you can do this via the Artist’s Drawings menu item. There is also the possibility to suggest further motifs and submit your own drawings.

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