How to Fix Error 24 CorelDraw X4 (Solved)

Are you one of the users of CorelDRAW X4? Sometimes you need to know CorelDRAW X4 program will experience a bug or error. Precisely these bugs will happen when we opened first the CorelDRAW X4 to run. When we run CorelDRAW X4 will show a warning Error 24. The error message therein sided command “Product Installation Unsuccessful, Please Reinstall (Error 24)”. At first glance, it looks like we are commanded to reinstall CorelDRAW X4 program from the computer or remove (uninstall) CorelDRAW X4 then reassemble (install).

coreldraw error 24

I do not really know the reason exactly. CorelDRAW X4 obvious if you’ve appeared an alert of the bug, then completely CorelDRAW X4 will not be executed. Although the warning appears to reinstall, but it’s useless because after we did reinstall, it still would not be able to run. So what’s the solution? how to fix it?

It is very annoying if CorelDRAW X4 has appeared warning Error 24. Moreover, if we are faced with the same job stacked and should be promptly disclosed. But take it because here will provide the best solution to resolve Error 24 in CorelDRAW X4 without reinstallation.

Here’s How To Solve Error 24 In CorelDRAW X4 Without Re-Install And Proven Success

Error 24 problem in CorelDRAW X4 you will not need to re-install the program CorelDRAW X4 or even Windows Operating System. This problem could be resolved less than 2 minutes.

Here I divide it into three ways, and please you choose which method is considered the most convenient and appropriate to the operating system as well as your computer.

1. Change the Date Settings Computer


By changing the setting of the date the computer to take longer then the problem Error 24 CorelDRAW X4 you will be overcome. Is not difficult to change the computer date setting. You can just click the date that appears on the Taskbar computer (right-bottom) and then click select Change date and time settings …

Please change the settings of your computer’s date into an older time, ie July 1, 2016. After changing the settings your computer’s date now trying to reopen the program CorelDRAW X4 if they display Error 24? My experience with changing the setting of the date of this computer Error 24 problems will be resolved and CorelDRAW X4 can run normally.

But the problem by changing the computer’s time settings will display a new problem, is it? For those of you who are used a computer to access the internet then now the browser will refuse to use. Media browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Safari and others can not be used if the timing of the computer is not in accordance with the present. Unless you want complicated by changing computer time when it will run CorelDRAW X4 then changed again the time when using the internet.


2. Changing File Extension .dta Old With The New

If you do not want to mess around with the timing of the computer continuously, leave the first way to do the above and this second way. But before doing the second way you please download DR14.dta file first and then place the file on the C: \ ProgramData \ Corel \ CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 (OS Windows 7 users only). If the file is found therein DR14.dta please you replace only to be replaced with a new file.


For users of Windows XP Operating System, please DR14.dta you place the file in C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ Corel \ CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4. Now you try to open the CorelDRAW X4 and I am sure the problem Error 24 will disappear.

Usually folder Application Data Program Data and Hidden status so that if we do not do the settings again to display the folder will not be visible. To display the status hidden folder perform the following steps.

From Windows Explorer select please you click Organize and then Folder and search options.

Click the View tab and click to select Show hidden files, folders, and drivers. Now the hidden folders will be visible even files and drivers. If you later had to copy and paste DR14.dta to hide the folder you can repeat this step and select Do not show hidden files, folders, and drivers.


3. Resetting Protexis Licensing

In addition you can also resolve Error 24 in CorelDRAW X4 to do this third step. You open Run from the Start and then Run, or to move rapidly pressing Windows + R keys on the keyboard. Then you type services.msc in the Run column, click OK.

After the dialog box Services enabled please’re looking Protexis Licensing V2, see picture. Then you right click and select Stop and then click Start back. Restart the computer and try to open the program CorelDRAW X4 and CorelDRAW X4 program should already now be opened normally.

Hopefully, I hope this article is useful for anyone who needs and to meet again in another cool article. Send regards for success! I’m still here


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