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WordPress Can not Update Theme and Plugin FTP Credentials

Yesterday, I got a little problem. I have many websites and some of them in one web hosting. I try to update WordPress new version 4.6, but it did not work. It also can not update theme

Which The Best Web Hosting For WordPress Site

Many hosting providers there are special WordPress hosting packages. Mostly there can be installed with one click WordPress simply. I have a listĀ of them. For clarification, the criteria by which vendors were selected: The provider in this

The Difference between http and https

HTTP and HTTPS is protocol language code that are familiar to Internet users, because each link that refers to a website definitely use it. This code is also often encountered when we want to do browsing or

WordPress vs Blogger: Which The Best Choice for Beginner?

Both are good for blogging. If you just use them for hobby, blogger ( is good enough. But for business, no doubt I choose wordpress CMS ( as the best platform. WordPress consist of two platforms. When

5 Types of Cloud Hosting Control Panel

For those of you who are still in the stage of learning to create a website, may still be a little difficult in managing a cloud hosting. Therefore, there is a software called control panel to manage

Benefits of Email Hosting for Business Man

Are you a young businessman? If you are a businessman, sending an email is definitely something you do every day, right? Well, as a businessman would want the best email service for his company. Both in terms

Tips for Choosing Website Hosting For Beginners

Choosing a web hosting, is like choosing a home for our website. Before buying a home in the real world, certainly a lot of things that we should consider. Anyway, with home to our webite. Dropping the

The Benefits of Object Storage All Developers Need to Know

Storage is one of the keys of a system, storage is where the data is stored, as the times and advances in technology today object storage is a new thing in the world of cloud computing, but

Question About Cloudways Support

Q: What type of support do they offer? I will NOT be asking WordPress how-to questions. The type of support I will probably be inquiring about are server related. My current host (VPS) is giving me canned

Evan Williams, from Farmer’s Son to Establish Blogger and Twitter

Twitter became one of the most widely used social media in the world. The 140-character service is famous for using hashtag (#) which has now been emulated by other apps like Facebook and Instagram. Nevertheless, Jack Dorsey,