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Make Bootable Using Rufus

This time I will discuss about how to make bootable using rufus. Before that, we will discuss a bit about bootable. Bootable is an external storage such as flash, cd or and so forth which contains an

Remove Shortcut Virus on Laptop

I will discuss about how to remove shorcut virus using cmd. Before that, we will discuss about virus shortcut. Shorcut virus is a virus that attacks on the flash, and it makes our files or folders into

The best tips and tricks on Excel 2013

You need to find out in a list how many different values are contained, or how to split values from cells? Thanks to the following Excel tips, you can make many work with the popular spreadsheet much

How to Protect Electronic Cables

There are several easy ways to protect the cable at home so you do not have to often replace it. Some simple ways below should be used for low voltage cables such as cables charging cell phones,

How to Color Calibration Your Monitor

Does your monitor look a bit weird? The colors that come out look vague, is too bright or too dim? Or maybe some colors that do not look significant color? Maybe it’s time for you to calibrate

Speed up the Windows startup: 3 seconds

Windows boots quickly – but only directly after a new installation. Read what tools measure the boot time, why Windows is getting slower, and most importantly, what you can do about it. A freshly installed Windows is

Easy Way to Clean Your Computer

For those of you who work every day at the computer, may not realize if the computer is dirty and dusty. Not infrequently also you are lazy to clean it regularly. Though dust and dirt attached not

Creating Password Reset Disk Windows 7 using Flashdisk

What is a password reset disk? Password reset disk is a small file that stores password data that can be used when you forget your Windows password. This step can be used as one of prevention if

3 Ways to Open a Forgotten Password Windows 7

Have you ever been confused because your computer is locked Password? To protect your data from irresponsible people, computer passwords are very important. Windows 7 allows you to have multiple accounts with different passwords. But there are

How to Make the Foot Notes in Microsoft Word easily

How to create footnotes in microsoft word is not difficult, because we simply by utilizing and using the features that exist in this software and use it at will. As we know, microsoft word is one of