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Speed Up Your Ten Fingers Keyboard Typing

How to quickly learn to type with ten Fingers – Talking about typing, I would like to invite all citizens of the world together learn typing ten fingers. My friend said to me “Why should typing with

Tutorial How to Virtual PC work with Virtualbox

With Virtualbox, several virtual test PCs can be installed in parallel. The free-to-use program works quickly and has a clear control center. 1. Installation Install Virtualbox by downloading and running the setup file. Click “Next” in the

How to Show Thumbnail RAW Photo .Nef Format on Windows

RAW files are raw light-captured data files of digital sensors. In its workflow to open RAW files are used special programs such as Capture NX, DPP, Silkypix, Adobe Camera Raw, and so on. Such programs can generally

The Quickest Way to Reset Windows 10 Fresh Installation

The computer is inseparable from the problem. Such as Windows that error, or exposed to viruses and others. If the damage or error on the software has been very severe, ordinary people decide to reinstall the OS.

How To Print Large Poster using 4 Pieces A4 Size Paper

When we want to print images in large size initially would be confused how to do. The problem is the printer that we have does not support to print images in large sizes at once. Generally printers

How to Create New Windows Partitions Easily

If you just bought a new computer or laptop with Windows OS, usually in File Explorer there are only 2 partitions / drives that is Drive C and Drive D, right? Drive C to save Windows OS

How to Prevent Failed Download in IDM

Failure to download in IDM can be caused by many things, whether it is a virus contained in a file that is downloaded or a network that is not good. Regardless of what causes it, I will

Factory Reset Windows Computer or Laptop Before You Sell

Factory reset or reset back to initial conditions created is the quickest and easiest way to restore a computer or laptop to a normal state. This way you can do when your system is running very slow

Four Ways to Minimize Cyber Attack

Organizations and individuals need to ensure that they have a solid, clean and strong cyber security plan, to better protect their digital environment, and to detect threats and respond to attacks. As the threat landscape continues to

This is how You Secure Your WLAN Against Attackers

The router is not only the small box that gives access to the Internet. Through software errors or incorrectly configured interfaces, the domestic router can also become the gateway to hacking and thus to the security risk.