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Supplier of Apple Will Build $10 B Factory in US

Supplier of Apple, Foxconn, also the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturing company, has just announced that it will create a new factory to manufacture LCD screens in Wisconsin, USA. The news was announced at an event attended

New Windows Preview Can Connect Android to PC

In mid-May, Microsoft explained its new strategy in the mobile industry. After failing to attract consumers with Windows Phone, Microsoft wants to attract the hearts of iPhone and Android users with various applications made. Now, Microsoft lets

Apple shut down iPod Nano and Shuffle

Apple decided to focus on selling one iPod product, the iPod Touch. The decision was realized by Apple to stop selling iPod Nano and Shuffle on its official website. According to Phone Arena reports, the information has

CPU socket TR4: AMD Threadripper requires new CPU coolers

In a few days, AMD will release the new Threadripper CPUs. So far, only a few information about the question of compatible CPU coolers have been leaked. The already available images of X399-Mainboards show, however, that in

AMD Showcases Ryzen Threadripper Box, Larger than Mini-ITX PC

AMD will soon release its highest-grade processor, the Ryzen Threadripper, in the near future. Recently, they showcased the processor sales package box. Through his official Facebook account, AMD showcased a box with the Ryzen Threadripper logo. One

Amazon Launches Spark Shopping Network Application

Amazon Inc. has launched a social feature called Spark. This became the first retail giant’s ledge to plunge into the world of social media. Spark allows members to showcase and purchase products on their platforms. However, Spark

The risks of server virtualization

Server virtualization can bring many benefits to companies. But there are cost and operational risks that IT managers should know. An overview. Server virtualization is considered a universal weapon against sprawling IT costs and complex server structures.

Microsoft also provides patches for XP and Vista

During the update, Tuesday in June Microsoft provides security updates against nearly 100 gaps. Also for Windows XP and Vista is something for the occasion. WannaCry and the NSA-Leaks make it possible. The Patch Day on June

Google Drive to Overall Back Up Your Computers

Surely you are familiar with Google’s Google Drive service that provides cloud storage, where the service is very helpful for users to store our important data. But each Google Drive account is limited to a few giga

Acer Prepare Desktop PC Aspire GX-281 with the Ryzen Processor

Although still in preparation for the launch, Acer reportedly has already revealed the existence of the latest gaming desktop PC that will be built with the reliability of AMD Ryzen processor that is intended to strengthen the