AMD Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.5.1 is available for download

AMD has released the latest driver software, Crimson ReLive Edition 17.5.1.

With the latest Radeon software, Crimson ReLive Edition version 17.5.1, the performance of the Radeon RX 580 is expected to improve by up to 4.7 percent with eight gigabytes of graphics memory at today’s ‘Prey’. Overall, the driver can be viewed as a release version of ‘Prey’, since only minor improvements and troubleshooting were made. In addition, some new multi-GPU profiles have been added for the latest AMD graphics card.

The latest version of the driver has also fixed some graphics errors for ‘Forza Horizon 3’ and removed the error message ‘Error 1603’ when the driver was uninstalled. The complete list of all changes can be viewed on the AMD Support website. As usual, the driver can also be downloaded directly from AMD.

Download AMD Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.5.1

How to Reset Microsoft Edge Browser Settings Easily

Almost all the latest web browsers are sure to have settings to restore the original settings (reset). Windows mainstay browser before, Internet Explorer, even also has this setting. But unfortunately, in Microsoft’s latest browser, Microsoft Edge, it does not have the features to restore the original settings.

The reset to default settings feature is often required when suddenly the browser is not running as it should. Because Microsoft Edge is a built-in browser in Windows 10, it is highly unlikely to delete and then reinstall it.

Fortunately, although there is currently no feature that we can use to reset the Microsoft Edge settings, but we can do it manually.

Note: For those of you who do not want to follow the steps below one by one, you can use third-party applications dubbed Edge Reset Button.

Important: When the Edge browser is reset, all the settings and notes will be lost including your history, favorites list, and passwords stored in your browser.

Reset Microsoft Edge Settings

Step 1: If you are currently running an Edge browser, close it first.

Step 2: Open File Explorer. Click the View tab and check the Hidden items section to show all hidden files and folders.

Step 3: Open the following folder:


Here “C” is the partition where Windows 10 is installed and “ComputerName” is your PC username.

Step 4: Log into Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe folder and open it by double clicking.

Step 5: Select all the folders and files contained in the Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe folder and click Delete to delete all the content in it.

Step 6: Close all running applications and Restart your computer.

Step 7: After Windows comes back on, next we need to re-enroll Microsoft Edge. How, open Windows PowerShell with administrator rights by typing PowerShell in the Start menu or taskbar, right-click on Windows PowerShell then click Run as Administrator.

Click Yes if UAC confirmation appears.

Step 8: In the open PowerShell window, copy the following command followed by Enter to execute the command.

Cd C:\Users\ComputerName

Change Computer Name with your username. And do not forget if your Windows is not installed in C, then change C to the partition where Windows 10 is installed.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers -Name Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml” -Verbose}


Speed Up Windows 10 Browser Using SpeedyFox

Google Chrome is currently the most widely used browser for Windows operating systems. Although there are some new browsers claimed to be faster than Chrome released (eg Vivaldi and Edge), Chrome still leads the market by beating Firefox in second place.

Google Chrome is claimed to be the fastest browser for Windows operating systems. Chrome is able to open pages of a website faster than its competitors, even Google’s browser is always one step ahead of other browsers.

Speed up Chrome Browser

Just like most other browsers, the longer it is used, Google Chrome will also slow down. This slowdown usually only begins after two weeks of usage. Starting from its startup to being slow to open a web page.

If you think your current Google Chrome browser is not as fast, as usual, you can reinstall Google Chrome to get clean and fast again as before. Unfortunately, reinstalling apps is not easy and you will also lose various data stored in browsers like history, stored passwords, cookies, and more.

Speed up your browser using SpeedyFox

If you are a Windows user and want to speed up your favorite browser, you can use the free application that is called SpeedyFox. Although the name looks like just made for Firefox only, but actually SpeedyFox can also be used on various browsers one of which is Google Chrome.

From the information we get, SpeedyFox claimed to be able to accelerate the startup of Google Chrome up to three times and able to increase the overall loading speed. In addition to Google Chrome, SpeedyFox can also be used in Firefox, Vivaldi, Skype, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Palemoon apps.

SpeedyFox works by compressing the browser database without having to delete even one data, so the browser does not need to load unnecessary data. The creator of SpeedyFox recommends that you run this program at least two weeks to get the most out of it.

How to use SpeedyFox is easy. Once installed, just run it on your Windows PC and it will instantly detect the browser installed on your PC. If your browser has more than 1 profile, it will list all available profiles.

Select the profile you want to optimize then click the Optimize button. Easy, isn’t it?

The optimization process can take up to 1 hour depending on your PC’s specifications. To get SpeedyFox, use the download link:

Just 5 Minutes to Backup Driver after Windows Installed

This time I will share How To Backup Windows Driver In 5 Minutes! Really?

Well of course, usually if we want to install windows 7, we forgot the driver backup when finished install windows, we have to find and re-download the required driver according to the type of computer or laptop.

Well, to make it work, we can use backup drivers when finished Installing windows 7, just update driver, done, so easy.

I use DriverMax software, it file size is 7MB, no problem with your data, right?

Download Via Softpedia.

Then install the drivermax, just open then click and next…. finally finish.

Then, drivermax will open automatically, then click the tab “driver backup”, drivermax will automatically scan the drivers installed on your laptop / computer,

Backup everything, click the “backup” and select “backup all drivers”,

When finished, the folder will appear that the backup file in rar, copy the file to local disk D: or else (avoid of format)
Backup Completed!


Google AutoDraw transform sketch into art

Google recently released an online tool such as the Paint application in Windows called AutoDraw. Uniquely, this AutoDraw uses machine learning to recognize a rough sketch of users and match them with a better picture and in accordance with the rough sketch.

AutoDraw can be used free of charge and can be used in all types of smartphone, tablet or computer. How it works is quite simple, users draw a sketch that looks like a cat, then AutoDraw will provide an option some cat pictures. Then the user can choose a picture of a cat which in accordance with the wishes of the user.

However, if the user does not want to use these features and want to keep using sketches made, users simply ignore image matching results provided by AutoDraw. AutoDraw technology is also contained in the application made by Google’s experiment called QuickDraw.

While this QuickDraw is a mini-game draw is quite interesting. The user is given 20 seconds to draw an object that is requested by QuickDraw and QuickDraw will tell whether the picture in accordance with the objects requested by QuickDraw.

Even rough designs are enough

The website, which automatically adapts to the display sizes of computers and mobile devices, offers a similar user interface as painting programs. The user sees a white surface on which he can create any drawings by mouse or touch operation.

Once AutoDraw identifies an object, the online tool provides professional versions of the previously painted content in the top bar. The web app recognizes simple motifs such as houses, bathtubs or dolphins. If the user clicks on one of the suggestions, the tool replaces the user drawing with the professional motif, similar to an autocorrection of texts. The objects are reminiscent of modern versions of the previously known clipart.

Over time, AutoDraw is quicker to recognize what even simplest designs should be, according to Google. The motif database is also constantly being expanded. In addition to the actual drawings, texts as well as the shapes circle, square and triangle can be inserted.

When the right image is found, users can download it. Also sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or website link is possible.

Overview of the artists’ motifs

If you would like to look at some of the already existing artist motifs, you can do this via the Artist’s Drawings menu item. There is also the possibility to suggest further motifs and submit your own drawings.

Radeon’s Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.4.1 Support with 8K

Radeon software crimson relive edition

The latest drivers for AMD graphics cards provide support 8K resolution at 60 Hz over DisplayPort 1.4.

New Features

AMD has again revised the drivers for the Radeon graphics cards. The latest Radeon software Crimson ReLive Edition (RSCRE) 17.4.1 brings several new features. AMD’s graphics cards now support Oculus Asynchronous Spacewarp (ASW) and SteamVR Asynchronous Reprojection. Both technologies should ensure that VR content is always enough frames available to maintain the immersion. A pre-calculation of the next frames is simulated in order to show the simulated picture during an FPS crash.

Radeon software crimson relive edition

In addition, the latest Radeon driver releases the 8K resolution via DisplayPort 1.4 HBR3. The current graphics cards still work with DisplayPort 1.3, but are already equipped with the new DisplayPort 1.4. The upcoming models of the RX500 series should also be equipped with DisplayPort 1.4 HBR3. HBR3 describes the transmission mode with up to 32.4 Gbit/s.

Download link:

Simple Way to Open .NRG File Extension Windows 10

Sometimes we found a file that can’t open in our computer or laptop. For example, we have a big file from friend or download by online, and the file extension is NRG – you can’t open it without a software. And now, here i will give you simple way tutorial to open .NRG file extension on Windows 10 or 8.1 (64bit or x86).

First, follow this link to get the latest updated: PowerIso

There are many servers where you can download the file. (file size just 3 – 10 MB)

Then, install like usual. Don’t forget to checklist the .nrg option.

Close, done.

Now, you can open the nrg file, there are many options to copy, mounted as virtual drive or just extract the file. This way is also work on windows 7.

Top Free Tools from Microsoft

In Microsoft’s extensive download database, there are many useful free tools between countless hotfixes and security updates. We provide you with ingenious tools that will expand your Windows free of charge with truly useful features.

On the download servers of Microsoft are slumber but many small helpful tools. If you work on the further development of Windows every day , you are regularly stumbling over small details that you would like to improve. This is not the case with the thousands of Windows developers at Microsoft. So it can be explained, that Microsoft regularly offers small tools for download, which extend Windows to useful functions – and completely free!

Microsoft provides a variety of convenient free tools

We provide you with other free Microsoft tools, which, among other things, facilitate the operation of Windows, allow more insight into the system and improve basic Windows functions.

Media Creation Tool for Windows 10
With the Media Creation Tool you can upgrade your Windows version to Windows 10 or create an installation medium.

Windows Defender Offline is free to download.
Windows Defender Offline is a security tool from Microsoft and is available for download in the 32bit version as well as in the 64bit version. With Windows Defender Offline, you can identify rootkits and malware on your computer, and then use it

Microsoft OneNote – Download
Create and manage your PC with the free OneNote software from Microsoft .

Process Monitor
In the background, the Freeware Process Monitor monitors all system activities on your computer in the areas of file system, registry and processes / threads.

Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit
The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) helps prevent security risks from running under Windows .

This tool triggers your Windows startup speed: Autoruns shows you the started routines.

Process Explorer
The Process Explorer is a task manager replacement that supplements all known functions with more precise process information.

Sysinternals Suite
The Sysinternals Suite contains over 60 useful system tools from Microsoft- bought company Sysinternals.

Microsoft Image Composite Editor
To create truly impressive panorama shots, you do not need an expensive camera, just the free Image Composite Editor.

Skype – Download Free
phone calls over the Internet, video conferencing and chatting – thanks to Skype no problem.

Windows 8.1 Setup
Program Use the Windows 8.1 Setup program to create an installation medium for your version of Windows 8.1.

Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool
The Windows USB / DVD Download Tool is designed for anyone who wants to install Windows 7/8 on a netbook.

With VMMap, the physical and virtual memory requirements can be analyzed in detail in order to track storage-hungry processes and applications.

The Disk2vhd program converts an existing hard disk partition into a VHD image, for example, to run it as a virtual PC.

OneDrive synchronizes your data for free.
OneDrive from Microsoft provides the opportunity to synchronize data among different computers.

Microsoft Attack Surface Analyzer
The Microsoft Attack Surface Analyzer is a security tool for developers, but it can also be used on the home computer.

Microsoft Worldwide Telescope – Download
Microsoft WorldWide Telescope allows amateur astronauts to take a look into the depths of space and impress with fascinating shots.

Microsoft Silverlight
The freeware Microsoft Silverlight is competing for the Adobe Flash Player. Multimedia Flash content is displayed on the web with the help of the software.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 August Update
Microsoft’s update collection of optional patches, hotfixes, and updates for Windows 8.1 in the month of August – summarized in a handy installation file.

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA)
Use the Windows Baseline Security Analyzer to check your system for security gaps and insecure settings, for example, in Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator – free download
With the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, you create your own keyboard layout or change an existing one to get more access to frequently used keyboard shortcuts. You can also create layouts for languages that Windows does not support.

Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manager
This tool helps you manage data that you store on a USB flash drive . It creates archives in which you can store backups of your USB sticks and restore them if necessary.

The free tool Synctoy for Windows helps you move files between two directories, for example to synchronize files of a folder with a backup folder or to transfer pictures from the digital camera to the PC.

Image Resizer
With Image Resizer, you can reduce multiple images at once, reducing the file size. The tool is available as an entry in the context menu after installation.

Internet Explorer 11 Download
Microsoft has released the final version of IE 11 for download. The new IE is to be 20% faster and the CPU spare.

When Facing Error: Dual Bios Corrupted

The problem is when you facing error that says: The main bios is corrupted. The system will be recovered from the backup bios. Please don’t turn off power or reset the system, this may take few minutes. Updating the main bios…

So seems like you need to update the bios.. what model is the motherboard? for help, you can download speccy, it will tell you all of the specifications:

After you download and install, you will get information the updated bios. So you need to update it.

Visit your motherboard official site. Download the latest update.

Then, run the .exe it downloads and it will ask to extract somewhere, choose somewhere you will remember and not get confused with other files. then just run the autoexec.bat, it should start from there.

For example: GIGABYTE Motherboard : follow this istruction

it is upadated successfully?

just like this

its updated yes, there may be another update im not sure, but if its working how it should and has fixed your problem then just leave it as it is


Amazing Ten free tools from Google to download

Google Chrome knows everyone, and next one may be Google Earth. But with which tools does the search engine giger still have its fingers in the game? Because not every mountain view tool is emblazoned with a Google logo. And some programs sometimes disappear from the scene – even with such a giant group – while others are bought by the public largely unnoticed. This makes the overview more difficult. Do you already know all of the following programs from the gallery? Or did you know that Picasa and BumpTop belong to the Google Empire?

Google Chrome Cleanup Tool

Google’s Chrome Cleanup Tool, a free program, helps you remove annoying malware that affects Google Chrome’s functionality.

Share X

ShareX by Google is a powerful screenshot tool. Save the image to your hard drive, or upload it directly to one of 25 different Internet services.

Google Drive

Online harddisk from Google: 5 GB are free.

Google Sketchup

Google Sketchup lets you create three-dimensional objects that you can use on Google Earth, for example.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the free Internet browser of the search engine provider Google, which, in addition to speedy site.

Google Earth

With freeware Google Earth, you can zoom in quickly and easily to a specific location to discover houses, streets, parks and much more.


Purchased by Google: With Picasa you can view and organize images. In addition, the software offers basic image processing options. For example, the screen can be affected and a red-eye effect can be eliminated.

Google Toolbar

The Google Toolbar provides quick access to many Google services, including news and image search.

Google Hangouts

Chat with your friends or conduct a video conferencing.

PhrozenSoft VirusTotal Uploader

With the program PhrozenSoft VirusTotal Uploader, you can quickly and easily upload any suspicious file to the website VirusTotal.

The Google Group is also very active on a larger front: operating systems. Under the name of Chrome OS, the company introduced a particularly viral and lean system as early as 2009. The open source OS hardly performs its own applications locally from the hard disk. Almost all programs used by the user come from the cloud – for example, Docs & Tables alias Docs. Accordingly, the browser (ie Chrome) takes a central place in the operating system. Disadvantage: You must always be online. In offline mode, you have to accept a lot of restrictions.

A more successful candidate is already Android. The operating system for mobile devices, ie smartphones and tablets, Has long since overtaken the rival iOS of Apple in the spread. Android is also spreading to TV and household appliances.

However, Google does not just develop web services like mail and text tables or software like Chrome. The company also maintains a secret research laboratory somewhere near San Francisco . There are daredevil projects like the elevator to the moon or the car – without a driver. However, Google does not just develop web services like mail and text tables or software like Chrome. The company also maintains a secret research laboratory somewhere near San Francisco . There are daredevil projects like the elevator to the moon or the car – without a driver. However, Google does not just develop web services like mail and text tables or software like Chrome. The company also maintains a secret research laboratory somewhere near San Francisco . There are daredevil projects like the elevator to the moon or the car – completely without a driver.