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Tips fixing the MacBook bad performance with CleanMyMac

Information on how to speed up the performance of a slow MacBook using the CleanMyMac app. Do not leave your Mac full of garbage, clean up immediately with CleanMyMac this application is widely used by Mac users

The Next Update Windows 10 is Fixing Edge

In the next major Windows 10 update, Microsoft will focus on improving the responsive performance and responsiveness of Edge browsers. In Build developer conference, the software giant describes the features they prioritize in Windows 10 Fall Creators

AMD Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.5.1 is available for download

AMD has released the latest driver software, Crimson ReLive Edition 17.5.1. With the latest Radeon software, Crimson ReLive Edition version 17.5.1, the performance of the Radeon RX 580 is expected to improve by up to 4.7 percent

How to Reset Microsoft Edge Browser Settings Easily

Almost all the latest web browsers are sure to have settings to restore the original settings (reset). Windows mainstay browser before, Internet Explorer, even also has this setting. But unfortunately, in Microsoft’s latest browser, Microsoft Edge, it

Speed Up Windows 10 Browser Using SpeedyFox

Google Chrome is currently the most widely used browser for Windows operating systems. Although there are some new browsers claimed to be faster than Chrome released (eg Vivaldi and Edge), Chrome still leads the market by beating

Just 5 Minutes to Backup Driver after Windows Installed

This time I will share How To Backup Windows Driver In 5 Minutes! Really? Well of course, usually if we want to install windows 7, we forgot the driver backup when finished install windows, we have to

Google AutoDraw transform sketch into art

Google recently released an online tool such as the Paint application in Windows called AutoDraw. Uniquely, this AutoDraw uses machine learning to recognize a rough sketch of users and match them with a better picture and in

Radeon’s Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.4.1 Support with 8K

The latest drivers for AMD graphics cards provide support 8K resolution at 60 Hz over DisplayPort 1.4. New Features AMD has again revised the drivers for the Radeon graphics cards. The latest Radeon software Crimson ReLive Edition

Simple Way to Open .NRG File Extension Windows 10

Sometimes we found a file that can’t open in our computer or laptop. For example, we have a big file from friend or download by online, and the file extension is NRG – you can’t open it

Top Free Tools from Microsoft

In Microsoft’s extensive download database, there are many useful free tools between countless hotfixes and security updates. We provide you with ingenious tools that will expand your Windows free of charge with truly useful features. On the