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NES CPU Case, Funny!

Well, David Hewes currently working on an ultra low power NES kodi/emulation station

Middle Class and Entry Level Gaming Rig Kings

Where are all my middle class and entry level gaming rig kings im tired of seeing all these fancy elitist with thier multi thousand dollar machines. So, here’s what people did with a “budget”

Skunworks Latin Version PC Setup

Some pics about Paul’s pc, Skunworks Latin Version 😛 Specification: I7 6950X Gigabyte X99 Designare EX mod color HyperX Predator 32GB 3000mhz 2 Gigabyte G1 GTX 1070 8GB SLI SSD HyperX Predator 240Gb M.2/PCI-E SSD 3 HyperX

Transformation Computer Setup

Happy Transformation Tuesday, This is an older build but it was the beast of a machine back in the day !! Turning Liquid into a PC Case. Had a Good old XFX 5970 Black Edition GPU for

These Mining Setup are Great

Anyone got a mining set up? To all of you complaining about the inflated prices, it’s not due to people with a couple of cards. It’s due to corporations and investors that bought thousands of them and

In Win 301: Compact housing with hard-glass

The In Win 301 presents itself for mATX and ITX-Mainboards as a smaller version of the In Win 303. Inside the new In Win 301 only mainboards with the ITX or mATX standard find a place. The

Alienware Area-51 Gaming Rig With High Performance 4K & VR

Not just an impressive appearance, the latest triangle-shaped gig rig named Alienware Area-51 is also has a myriad of amazing features that can deliver reliable performance that is needed by a gamer. Particularly thanks to the well-established

Corsair Release New PC Case Carbide Series SPEC-04

Corsair have just released PC Casbide Series SPEC-04 case. The mid-tower cassette comes specifically to meet the needs of gamers and perform with different styles, large side panel windows, and a spacious interior. This casing is also

Ten Reasons to Choose a Desktop PC Than a Laptop

They continue to lose ground against tablets and notebooks, but still gain by price, screen size and better processing. They are being sold less and less and in the last years have presented a little technological evolution;

A few of the builds man made recently