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How to Protect Your iCloud Account

This week, a hacker group claims that they have access to hundreds of millions of iCloud accounts. Apple has denied this claim, stating that their system remains secure. However, when ZDNet tries to test the reset function

TSMC starts manufacturing the A11 chip for Apple’s iPhone 8

According to the Taiwanese branch service DigiTimes, TSMC has begun the mass production of the upcoming SoCs for Apple’s iPhone 8. The mass production of the A11-SoC of Apple is already started. The A11 system-on-a-chip is likely

These US Websites Avoid Buying Stolen Phones

When buying a used phone, one of the important things you should do is make sure the phone is not a stolen item. The US wireless industry, through its trade group CTIA, has launched a tool called

How to use smartphone as webcam

In addition to using the chat feature, a social networking service also often presents a webcam feature to facilitate communication. Therefore, the laptop you use should already have a webcam at the top of the screen. But

American People More Satisfied with Microsoft Surface than iPad

J.D. Power revealed the results of a customer satisfaction survey about the use of tablets. As a result, the correspondent of the United States is more like the Microsoft Surface tablet than Apple iPad, Samsung, LG, Amazon,

Apple Patent: Accessory Turns iPhone into Notebook

The smartphone takes the place of the trackpad and is used as such, while it provides internal components such as processor and memory. Alternatively, an iPad could function as a display. The supplementary device only expands and

North Korea Plant Superintendent Tool at Android Tablet

North Korea reportedly lock the tablet used by citizens, and only provide a number of basic features. The North Korean government reportedly locking electronic devices used by citizens, one of which is a tablet. Detailed tablet known

Simple Ways Transfer Data from Phone to PC or Notebook

Many ways you can do to send data, move data, from mobile phones to computers and laptops, or vice versa – transfer files from computer to phone. Smart phones allow us to do many things, the function

Purchase Tablets Advice: Formats and Technology Overview

Hardly a product category offers such a large selection of formats: tablets come with small, medium and large displays, the processors vary from slow to fast – and finally the question arises about keyboard or pen. We

Notebook Tablet Review: Trekstor SurfTab duo 11.6 Win 10

Build with Intel® Core™ M-5Y10c processor (up to 2.00 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, 4 MB Intel® Smart Cache), Trekstor SurfTab duo 11.6 Win 10 is the best choice for you who need mobility and performance.