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Fastest Way to Download Multiple Instagram Video and Photo

There many apps on Play Store (android) that you can use them to download Instagram contents: video and photo. But, it consumes a lot of time, because you can only download photo or video one by one.

New Windows Preview Can Connect Android to PC

In mid-May, Microsoft explained its new strategy in the mobile industry. After failing to attract consumers with Windows Phone, Microsoft wants to attract the hearts of iPhone and Android users with various applications made. Now, Microsoft lets

Your Android Smartphone Lost, Find Use Google

Finding your lost Android smartphone into today’s technology tips. Android-based smartphones can be found with Google. The important Gmail e-mail address and your phone’s GPS should be active. Just follow these easy steps: 1. Open Google Search

Asus Launches Two New ZenPad 10 Tablets, what about the specs?

As always, every year Asus is always busy preparing its newest device to launch in Computex event, where the event is a great opportunity for Asus to introduce new products, especially for laptops, PCs, and the like.

This Blackview BV8000 6GB RAM Design to Entering Global Market

An important leap for Blackview, which has been known to have excellence in rugged-phone smartphones or smartphone. The newest product called Blackview BV8000 is planned to penetrate the global market. If you follow the Blackberry rugged-phone development

In June, Apple have iPad Pro 10.5 Inches

Apple’s new iPad Pro 10.5 inches, is rumored to be announced in June. The mass production of the 10.5-inch Pro Pad is reported to have started since March or April. According to Digitimes, since starting in March

New Windows 10 versions for PCs and Smartphones revealed

Microsoft has released new preview builds of Windows 10 for the Fast Ring: Windows has the number 16199 for PCs and the number 15215 for mobile phones. The different numbering for the two platforms results from OneCore

Amazon Fire 7 and Fire HD 8

Amazon has updated the tablets of the Fire series. The new Amazon Fire 7 can boast a 7-inch IPS display with 1,024 x 600 pixels and an improved battery life of up to eight hours. The cheapest

Dell Latitude 5285 review Balanced Laptop and Tablet

The Dell Latitude 5285 wants to make the Surface Pro competition. The test shows that it succeeds. The Surface Pro 4 is a model for all 2in1 devices. But other manufacturers have overtaken Microsoft by now –

Octa-core processors not mean faster than Quad-Core

When you want to buy an Android smartphone, there are many criteria you should look at. One of them is the processor. Octa-core and quad-core are commonly processors used by smartphone vendors. Usually, it is used to