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Shutdown Laptop but Still On, Try This Way

Diagnosis: When you’ve done a shutdown (turn off) your computer or laptop, and the screen is off (not connected anymore). Meanwhile, after waiting so long, we still hear the fan spinning, the disk is still alive, and

Enermax Launches PSU 1200 W with Compact Size

Leading peripheral manufacturer and PC accessory, Enermax, has just unveiled their latest power supply, which brings huge power capacity. The PSU goes into the line Platimax D.F. This new PSU comes in 1200 W power capacity, but

DDR5: New DRAM with its own power supply

The final specifications of DDR5-RAM have not yet been established, in the server area the new modules could be equipped with their own power supply. It is planned to finalize the DDR5 standard by summer 2018. Until

Intel Kaby-Lake CPUs: Not compatible with 300-chip chipsets

Intel separates the Skylake and Kaby-Lake CPUs of the current socket rigorously from the upcoming Coffee-Lake CPUs and their platform. With the CPUs of the Coffee-Lake generation, Intel will also present a new socket with associated chipsets.

Gigabyte X399 Designare EX: TR4-Mainboard with Thunderbolt-3 support

The new X399 Designare EX from Gigabyte is intended as a high-end model not only support the Ryzen threadripper CPUs, but also the Thunderbolt 3 standard from Intel. Gigabyte has introduced the X399 Designare EX, a new

Toshiba OCZ VX500 SSD with MLC-NAND review

With the VX500 series Toshiba presents a completely new range of mainstream SSD models. The new SSDs of the VX500 series should be characterized by a good reading performance at an attractive price and delivering attractive results

Intel Core i7-8700K Benchmarks 5 GHz

In the forum of HWBattle.com, the first benchmarks of the Core i7-8700K with an overclocking to 5.0 GHz are dipped. The Core i7-8700K is Intel’s first Core i7 with six cores for a consumer socket. While the

Colorful GTX 1050: Entry Level VGA Review

Some time ago I had time to review one of the beginner class graphics card from the “red camp” that is PowerColor Red Dragon RX 560. This time, I will review the opponent of the green camp

ASUS Prime A320M-K Cheap Motherboard Review

Some of us do not have much money to spend when assembling a PC. Funds have become a “barrier” for some people in choosing PC hardware. When faced with a fund, someone will definitely choose the cheapest

Can SSD Improves Game Performance than HDD?

The gaming industry is an ever-expanding industry, Along with the transition of the generation, you’ll meet a video game variant that not only appears more realistic but also innovative at the same time. Fun indeed, but changes