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Forza Motorsport 7: Demo is available for download

Microsoft has also released a demo of racing sport simulations for the PC and the Xbox One with the official launch of ‘Forza Motorsport 7’. The new ‘Forza Motorsport 7’ is now available for the PC and

FIFA 18: The official system requirements for the PC version

Electronic Arts has released the official system requirements for the PC version of ‘FIFA 18’. Various DX-11 and DX-12 specifications. The official system requirements for ‘FIFA 18’ are divided this year into the data for the DX-11

Can SSD Improves Game Performance than HDD?

The gaming industry is an ever-expanding industry, Along with the transition of the generation, you’ll meet a video game variant that not only appears more realistic but also innovative at the same time. Fun indeed, but changes

SteamWorld Dig, Secure Now for Free

Electronic Arts is giving away the adventure platformer ‘SteamWorld Dig’ for a limited time. Published in 2013, the Adventure Platformer ‘SteamWorld Dig’ by the Swedish studio Image & Form can currently be downloaded free of charge from

McraftZ: DayZ-Mod in three years in Minecraft

The Reddit user Criand has recreated the game world of DayZ almost in the scale 1: 1 in the mini-game Minecraft. An estimated 1,800 hours spread over three years, the project has so far claimed. The game

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Sold Over 5 Million Copies in 4 Months

The popularity of the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground game seems to continue to skyrocket. According to PC GAMER, the game has sold more than 5 million copies. The number of sales is quite high, considering this figure is achieved

GPU Unable to play PES 2017

When your laptop or PC is meet minimum requirement or recommended, but your GPU unable to play PES 2017, maybe you can solve this problem by following steps. Download dxcpl.exe: Recommended using Windows 10. done.

Stunning Minecraft Game Comes In 4K Format

The game lovers must be looking forward to the E3 2017, which is an annual event where the players of the gaming industry introduced its newest product. This time the software giant Microsoft announced it will come

Need for Speed ​​Payback: Release and Trailer

EA released the first trailer for ‘Need for Speed ​​Payback’ and announced the release date. In November this year, the Need-for-Speed ​​series will return to the screens. The ‘Need for Speed ​​Payback’, designed by the Ghost Games,

PlayStation 3: Sony bury a success story

Sony will no longer produce the PlayStation 3 in Japan’s home market. The PS3 had a difficult start but developed nevertheless to a great success for Sony. She came to the market in 2006. Playstation 3: Sony