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How To Print Large Poster using 4 Pieces A4 Size Paper

When we want to print images in large size initially would be confused how to do. The problem is the printer that we have does not support to print images in large sizes at once. Generally printers

How to Fix Error 24 CorelDraw X4 (Solved)

Are you one of the users of CorelDRAW X4? Sometimes you need to know CorelDRAW X4 program will experience a bug or error. Precisely these bugs will happen when we opened first the CorelDRAW X4 to run.

Save Image As Jpeg in Coreldraw, Just Simple Way

A “.cdr” format is an extension of the CorelDRAW file. When your work design have done, just save or save as. But keep in mind, when you create a design with CorelDRAW X7, save the results by

Similar Graphic Software as Alternative CorelDraw

CorelDraw is a vector-based graphics software. Together with Photoshop are two design software is widely pirated. X7 CorelDraw price around $ 500. If you think the price is too expensive, you have the option of using other

Microsoft Paint Immediately Ends with Windows Update 10

San Francisco – Microsoft Paint era will end with the upcoming release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The image editing app was officially classified by Microsoft as an “outdated feature”, according to The Guardian. This means

Google AutoDraw transform sketch into art

Google recently released an online tool such as the Paint application in Windows called AutoDraw. Uniquely, this AutoDraw uses machine learning to recognize a rough sketch of users and match them with a better picture and in

Futuracha Pro, A Superb Font that Fits Automatically

Here is Futuracha Pro, a beautiful modern, adaptive font capable of modifying the shapes of its letters according to those that follow or precede them! Futuracha Pro, is an evolution of the already popular font Futuracha, which

What The Difference Extensions of JPEG, GIF, and PNG?

If you notice to a variety of images stored on your phone or PC, you will definitely see each of these images have extensions such as JPEG, GIF, or PNG. But do you know what it means

Top Sites that Make Your PowerPoint Presentation Better

Are you ready to be the point of attention in class? Currently the presentation was very influential in all fields, such as business and academic. The presentation is not just rely on good public speaking, but also involve

Recommendation Wacom Pen Tablet

What did you know about Wacom tablet? Some people ask; more expensive ones worth the premium price? What added functionality do you get over the more basic offerings? So, let’s learn today. Commonly, more expensive ones have