Which More Benefit Uses Mac or Windows PC?

If you currently use a windows PC, but it’s getting rather tired and old looking (the PC not the user) so you planning to get a new one. A question is, should you get a new Windows PC or a MAC? and What are the benefits of using a Mac over a PC, as the difference in price is noticeable?


Mac fans will tell you to get a Mac, and PC fans will tell you to get a PC hehe. I’ll tell you that so long as your hardware is good, it doesn’t much matter as live works pretty well on both of them.

Apple builds high-end computers out of quality components and charges a fortune for them. There also exist PC manufacturers who do this as well, but on the PC side there are also midrange and introductory range options, since there are a many manufacturers.

Many Mac users like that there is a comparatively small spectrum of hardware, so it’s fairly rare to find a program that runs on “only some Macs.”

On the Windows PC side, there’s a huge variety of hardware so it’s quite more likely to get spotty equipment if you’re buying blindly, which (especially in the case of audio with its low-latency buffers and dependence on good drivers) can result in crashes and audible glitches. For many users part of the price of the Mac is for peace of mind more than anything else.

It’s basically “get whichever platform you prefer and more trust.” By all means, do try out using Live, maybe the demo? on a Mac at a friends’ house or in a computer store. See if you like it. See if there are things about it that drive you nuts.

In the end you want a machine that works for you and that you trust to get the job done, whatever that happens to be. For example If you’re playing live as musician / DJ, the tolerance for errors is much lower, but you can get away with a lot more of them if you’re just producing at home, where there’s no client or audence to annoy.

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