Review Headset: Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Luxury Design

Music is an integral part for some people. For those of you who claim to be audiophile, the name Sennheiser must be familiar in your ears. Wireless Momentum is one of the products of the German company.

As the name suggests, Momentum Wireless is actually a headphone that can be paired with mobile devices via a wireless connection, namely Bluetooth and NFC. These headphones can be connected to mobile devices, both using the Android operating system or iOS.

In terms of design, Momentum Wireless has an elegant look. Not surprisingly, given he was pegged at a price of about $ 400. In addition to looks luxurious, these headphones are also convenient to use. Earcup on this headphone feels soft and when I use it can cover my ears entirely. Often use it while working, I never feel the ear becomes sick or the head is depressed because it uses Wireless Momentum in a long time.

In addition, Sennheiser also designed this headphone in such a way that it can be folded. Sennheiser even equip it with a cloth bag – with a soft material – also a small bag for this headphone.

For connection problems, Sennheiser completes the Wireless Momentum with Bluetooth and NFC connections. With NFC, you can simply touch these headphones with your phone to connect the two. If your phone is not equipped with NFC, you can use Bluetooth. You do not want to be complicated? Sennheiser completes this homemade headphone with a cable.

In the right earcup, you will find the volume button and also the power button. All of this can be found easily using touch. So, when using it, you will not be too confused to find the existence of the key.

Wireless momentum has a noise-cancellation feature. The feature will always be on, there is no way to disable it. Mic on these headphones also can capture your voice clearly. Although equipped with noise-cancellation, you can still hear your own voice when speaking, it is expected, this will prevent you from talking too loud when using these headphones.

For sound issues, you need not doubt the quality of sound generated by Momentum Wireless. These headphones produce crystal clear sound. When I use it to listen to acoustic music accompanied by natural sounds such as birds chirping and streams, all voices can be heard clearly without the sounds becoming overlapping.

Not only that, Sennheiser also offers good bass and treble performance and the resulting sound will sound smooth. Indeed, when compared to the sound quality generated by the headphones that use the cable, the sound quality of the Wireless Momentum is still a bit lost, but the audio quality offered is not much different. For me, Wireless Momentum has other advantages because it offers convenience thanks to its wireless connection.

In conclusion, Momentum Wireless offers excellent performance and attractive design. Indeed, the price was quite expensive, but it is in accordance with what you get.


Excellent performance
The design is beautiful and can be folded


The price is expensive

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