Review Cherry MX Speed Switches Gaming keyboard

Many manufacturers of gaming keyboards rely on quality switches the German manufacturer Cherry. We have looked at the Cherry MX switches Speed Silver The latest technology in the test and tell you where mechanical keyboards, the switches are used.

Corsair K70 Rapid Fire - one of two mechanical keyboards with MX Speed Switches

Corsair K70 Rapid Fire – one of two mechanical keyboards with MX Speed Switches

Cherry MX Speed Switches Silver – high-speed switch for gamers

The switch, under the keys of a gaming keyboard is installed, determine the pressure which is necessary to send a signal to the PC. In addition, the switches differ in feedback when pressed.

While there is always this not better or worse, and every gamer has their own preferences about tripping force and feedback, but basically: a lower trigger force shorten your reaction time.

The Cherry MX Speed Silver Switches are the latest switch from Cherry and as the name suggests, this keyboard switches are particularly fast.

To transmit a signal to the PC, the MX Silver switches only 1.2 millimeters must be depressed. This is the currently smallest signal point of all gaming keyboard are switches.

Compare Cherry MX vs. Speed Cherry MX Red switches

The Cherry Red MX switches in addition to the Cherry Black MX switches the most common switch in gaming keyboards.

While both switches have the same signal point two millimeters (45 grams) is the force necessary to trigger the switches at the Cherry MX Red switches to 15 grams less than the MX Black switches. Thus, the red switch has the same release force as the Cherry MX Speed Switches and are thus best to compare.

The signal point of the Cherry MX Red switches is two millimeters. To prevent the keys resolve 0.8mm later than at the speed switches. What sounds like a short distance, makes a big difference in keyboards. The reduction compared to the red switches can be clearly felt.

At the same time also the stroke of the MX speed switches was shortened. The stroke at a keyboard is the distance from the touch of the finger until it stops. While the MX Red switches have a travel of 4 mm, this is reduced if the new switches to 0.8 mm.

The life is not different in both technologies and switches is 50 million keystrokes.

Conclusion: Overall, the MX Speed solve earlier than the MX Red switches

and have a lower stroke. In this way, the reaction time is appreciably reduced. To date, the MX Red switches were the standard recommendation for fast games that require fast response times. For this, there is now a real alternative to the new MX Speeds.

Gaming keyboards with Cherry MX Speed Switches

As with the first illuminated RGB switches from Cherry, once again Corsair may use the MX-speed switches for six months exclusively on their keyboards. Corsair has the Corsair K70 Rapidfire and the Corsair K65 RapidFire released two models with the new switches.

Corsair K70 Rapid Fire

The Corsair K70 is a high mechanical gaming keyboard that is with MX Blue, Brown and Red switches already available for some time in the trade. Now the series has been to the Corsair K70 RapidFire expanded with MX-speed switches.

The K70 is a high-end keyboard in which the keys sitting on a tough, lightweight aluminum frame. Of course, that is K70 RapidFire equipped with anti-ghosting and N-key rollover, so every keystroke is recorded accurately.

The K70 RapidFire offers durability and high-quality finish and is designed for 50 million keystrokes.

The keyboard has both an RGB variant in which the background colors of the MX-speed switches can be adapted to virtually unlimited and a slightly more favorable variant in which the background color is limited to red.

Overall, one gets the K70 RapidFire an absolute high-end gaming keyboard model that is especially for the quick first-person shooter is perfect.

Corsair K65 Rapid Fire

The Corsair K65 there is already longer on the market, but so far only in a Cherry MX Red variant. Now the K65 series to which was K65 RapidFire expanded.

The K65 this is similar to the K70, but with one major difference. While all models of the K70 series are equipped with a Num-block, the K65 is a TKL keyboard and therefore does not have a Num-block. Thus, the keyboard is more compact.

Anti-Ghosting was just as N-key rollover also considered in the K65. Unlike the K70 RapidFire standing K65 RapidFire but only in an RGB illuminated variant.

Search for all gamers, who can do without a Num-block and for a space-saving high-end mechanical keyboard, which can be transported easily, which is K65 Rapidfire a very good choice.

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