Buyer Guide: The Right Printer for Every Application

guide buy printer

Inkjet printers, laser printers, multifunctional printers – whoever wants to buy a printer is spoiled for choice. Who scores with the best print quality, the lowest printing costs, and the highest printing speed? With this printer purchase consultation, you keep the view through. We show the advantages and disadvantages of different printer types, point to … Read more

This is how You Secure Your WLAN Against Attackers

To protect your own router from attacks, there are some tips

The router is not only the small box that gives access to the Internet. Through software errors or incorrectly configured interfaces, the domestic router can also become the gateway to hacking and thus to the security risk. There is no absolute security against hacker attacks, but every user can significantly improve his protection against the … Read more

Kaspersky Release Free Antivirus

kaspersky free version antivirus 2017

Kaspersky finally have just released their free antivirus software after testing in several areas for one and a half years. In probation, this antivirus is only available in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China and Nordic countries. However, now, the antivirus is already available globally. Indeed, this free version of Kaspersky antivirus does not have the features … Read more

Microsoft have Completed Windows 10 Creator Update

windows creator update july

As always, Microsoft always provides updates for their Windows 10 users gradually. As was done during the release of Windows 10 Creator Update, Microsoft gradually granted it. Starting from the latest devices already working with OEMs, then to old devices. And today Microsoft says they have completed gradually updating. That way, Windows 10 users who … Read more

HoloLens 2.0 will increases the processing speed and mobility

microsoft hololens 2.0

Micrososft is forging the next generation of HoloLens to feature a dedicated AI chip. Here the interesting thing is, this HoloLens 2.0 will increases the processing speed and it gives the device more mobility since it doesn’t need to stay connected to the internet. It can also decrease the overall power consumption of the device … Read more

Supplier of Apple Will Build $10 B Factory in US

foxconn 10 b

Supplier of Apple, Foxconn, also the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturing company, has just announced that it will create a new factory to manufacture LCD screens in Wisconsin, USA. The news was announced at an event attended by Foxconn boss Terry Gou and US President Donald Trump, who aggressively encouraged local and foreign companies to … Read more