Monthly Archive:: July 2017

HoloLens 2.0 will increases the processing speed and mobility

Micrososft is forging the next generation of HoloLens to feature a dedicated AI chip. Here the interesting thing is, this HoloLens 2.0 will increases the processing speed and it gives the device more mobility since it doesn’t

Get $250K if You Found a Bug in Windows 10

The company owned by the richest people in the world, Microsoft, recently announced a contest for those who can find bugs or vulnerabilities in Windows operating system 10. For those who can win the contest, Microsoft is

Supplier of Apple Will Build $10 B Factory in US

Supplier of Apple, Foxconn, also the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturing company, has just announced that it will create a new factory to manufacture LCD screens in Wisconsin, USA. The news was announced at an event attended

Ryzen 3 1300X and 1200, New Champion of Beginner PC Processor

AMD finally released Ryzen 3 processor to the market. New processors beginner class will appear in two variants, namely Ryzen 3 1300X and 1200. Two processors will also be dealing directly with the ranks of Intel Core

New Windows Preview Can Connect Android to PC

In mid-May, Microsoft explained its new strategy in the mobile industry. After failing to attract consumers with Windows Phone, Microsoft wants to attract the hearts of iPhone and Android users with various applications made. Now, Microsoft lets

Apple shut down iPod Nano and Shuffle

Apple decided to focus on selling one iPod product, the iPod Touch. The decision was realized by Apple to stop selling iPod Nano and Shuffle on its official website. According to Phone Arena reports, the information has

IMac 27 inch review: Apple’s all-in-one to work and play

Finally new Mac again! The update, especially for the iMac, was long overdue, now it is with current Intel hardware from the generation Kaby Lake and with new graphics cards from AMD. In the test of the

Intel Core i9-7960X First benchmarks of the 16 core CPU dipped

The new Intel Core i9-7960X is in the starting holes, a first Geekbench already indicates the performance of the 16 core CPU. With the introduction of the LGA 2066 socket, Intel is significantly increasing the number of

McraftZ: DayZ-Mod in three years in Minecraft

The Reddit user Criand has recreated the game world of DayZ almost in the scale 1: 1 in the mini-game Minecraft. An estimated 1,800 hours spread over three years, the project has so far claimed. The game

AMD’s Ryzen 5 1500X for 159 euros on Core i5 7500 level

The AMD-triggered price competition among the CPUs continues. The AMDs Ryzen 5 1500X is now available in the offer for 159 euros. The time of the high prices for CPUs seems to be over with the launch