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Find the perfect external hard drive

External hard disks are ideal for backups and to transport data uncomplicatedly. However, the devices are now available in all possible versions. You should pay attention when buying, so that you have as long as something from

The risks of server virtualization

Server virtualization can bring many benefits to companies. But there are cost and operational risks that IT managers should know. An overview. Server virtualization is considered a universal weapon against sprawling IT costs and complex server structures.

Microsoft also provides patches for XP and Vista

During the update, Tuesday in June Microsoft provides security updates against nearly 100 gaps. Also for Windows XP and Vista is something for the occasion. WannaCry and the NSA-Leaks make it possible. The Patch Day on June

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air: Kaby-Lake and Pascal as a fingerprint edition

Mi Notebook Air was introduced more than a year ago by Xiaomi as an entry into the notebook business, is growing. In the future, a “fingerprint edition” will be offered alongside the well-known model. This includes the

Cooler Master Liquid Cheap AiO Cooling with Silent Pump

he MasterLiquid 240 is the current entry-level compact water cooling system from Cooler Master; It costs 70 euros. The pump developed by the manufacturer is very quiet in the test, but the performance is low with the

Google Drive to Overall Back Up Your Computers

Surely you are familiar with Google’s Google Drive service that provides cloud storage, where the service is very helpful for users to store our important data. But each Google Drive account is limited to a few giga

Stunning Minecraft Game Comes In 4K Format

The game lovers must be looking forward to the E3 2017, which is an annual event where the players of the gaming industry introduced its newest product. This time the software giant Microsoft announced it will come

Gigabyte Aorus X5 MD, 15.6 Inch Ultra Slim Nvidia Max-Q

Gigabyte Aorus X5 MD, Gaming Laptop 15.6 Inch Ultra Slim With Newest Design Approach Nvidia Max-Q. Gigabyte Aorus is known for its super-slim gaming notebook, but with the Nvidia Max-Q design approach, it has managed to streamline

Razer Stealth Laptops Now Available In 13.3 Inch

The 12.5-inch Razer Stealth Stealth Laptop is one of the most well-received laptops on the market, but many also expect a larger variant of 12.5 inches. Currently, there are many laptops that have a small size but

Corsair HX850, Stable in High Power

Power supply on the PC can be described as a “cafeteria” that provides food in the form of electricity. Sure you do not want the cafeteria process uses equipment that is not feasible. You can guess that