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ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA Specs and Price

Known as ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA, this super slim and lightweight device comes with numerous of powerful components and features that make it the best choice to support any activity anytime and anywhere. ⠀ Its unique 360

Origin EON15-S Cheap Gaming Laptop

Origin that usually presents a variety of ultra high-end laptop products rumored they have just re-present one of the latest EON15-S Series gaming laptop models on the market with a starting price range of 999 USD. ⠀ This

Guide to Buy Best Asus Motherboard

When we want to assemble a desktop PC, usually we are faced with a tremendous dilemma when choosing components, especially for motherboards. In addition to the confusion with which chipset chooses to use, the presence of many

Hardisk brands and its plus and minus review

Hard drive is one of the components of the computer is very important. Harddisk very important role in every process performed by computers. If there is no hard drive, a laptop will never be used. Because of

NCase: Extensions was the best way to make the cable runs clean

Shorty cable + extension set in Black and charcoal gray paracord for Eric’s NCASE M1 build, featuring a 1080 Ti! The 24 pin looks bizarre, until you see how it is intended to route in the build!

Seeing the power of AMD Ryzen 5 Processor

Ryzen 5 is now available in the market. Live streaming trends are not only popular among socialites. Gamers actually have first popularized the trend through various platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. The development is ultimately open

AMD Ryzen 7 & 5, FX, Phenom II and APUs Benchmark Comparison

In the great test of AMD Ryzen 5 1600X, 1600, 1500X and 1400 is an interesting comparison in the benchmarks amid the many processors of Intel not to recognize at first glance: The CPUs of the last

Acer huge machines line for Gaming

The development of technology has always had a unique impact of each, including in the gaming industry itself. When the performance of the console and the PC is getting stronger, publishers and game developers now have a

Penna: Bluetooth keyboard with retro style

It looks like a typewriter and also feels like a classic one. But it has some modern features on board. The mechanical clicking of typewriter keyboards is music in the ears of retro fans and people who

Minecraft receives real money microtransactions

Microsoft has announced real-money microtransactions for ‘Minecraft’. First only for Windows 10 and Pocket Edition. The Discovery Update 1.1 will not only add new content to the Minecraft game but will also introduce a “Marketplace” that allows