Asus ROG GX700 First Gaming Laptop with Water-cooling Technology

Asus introduced ROG GX700, it’s the first gaming laptop equipped with technology like gaming pc “water-cooling” and has been overclocked. Asus Rog GX700 with G-SYNC 17-inch screen, processor 6th generation of Intel® Core ™ i7 Skylake – 6820HK already overlclocked, Graphics Card ™ GTX DDR5 980 8GB and 64 GB DDR4 RAM gives you a … Read more

Pixel Density in the Range

An international research team has developed a new Blauphasen liquid crystal technology, which is designed to greatly increase the pixel density of LCD screens while reducing the power requirement. This advance could make the Blauphasen LCD technique useful for a wide-area use. In principle, already demonstrated in 2008 The basic functionality of Blauphasen-LCD-Technik was basically … Read more