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Asus ROG GX700 First Gaming Laptop with Water-cooling Technology

Asus introduced ROG GX700, it’s the first gaming laptop equipped with technology like gaming pc “water-cooling” and has been overclocked. Asus Rog GX700 with G-SYNC 17-inch screen, processor 6th generation of Intel® Core ™ i7 Skylake –

Pixel Density in the Range

An international research team has developed a new Blauphasen liquid crystal technology, which is designed to greatly increase the pixel density of LCD screens while reducing the power requirement. This advance could make the Blauphasen LCD technique

These Six New Nvidia Quadro Also Use GP100 and HBM2

GRAPHICS CARDS FOR PROFESSIONALS! Nvidia has introduced six new professional Quadro graphics cards. The top model uses the large GP100 GPU and HBM2. Up to now the series was largely based on Maxwell. Only the Quadro P6000

LENOVO YOGA A12 : 2-in-1 with Android and Halo Keyboard

Lenovo has an unusual 2-in-1 Yoga Book reissued in a better version: The Yoga A12 waived the pin detection and has less memory and RAM, but the display is larger and the price by 40 percent at

First Desktop Processor with Eight Cores is Set

Intel today introduced the mid-2014 featured high-end CPUs, codenamed Haswell-E adopted in early retirement. This is the first processor, which could offer in the desktop segment with 8 real cores, 16 threads as well as the support

Kaspersky Release 9 Guide to Protecting Your Online Privacy

Most of the today’s communication is done via online, or at least, through electronic devices, of course, everybody wants their personal data to be maintained and protected and at the same time keep in touch with the

Dell Introduced Thin Client Wyse 5060 Quad Core for Virtual Workspace

Dell introduced Wyse 5060, a thin client computers with new high-performance and highly efficient and fully usable in a virtual workspace Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware. This solution is designed for professionals in the science sector who want

GIGABYTE Released Premium Graphics Card AORUS

GIGABYTE, they finally officially released graphics cards under the flag AORUS.     As already known, AORUS a gaming brand from GIGABYTE. The gaming brand will replace the entire line of premium gaming products from GIGABYTE, such

Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud to Rival Chrome OS

Over the years, Microsoft is trying to make the PC manufacturers do not use Chrome OS from Google. To that end, the company is now experimenting with the software giant offers the affordable version of his Windows

Does Apple Make Their Own Processor for New MacBook?

Apple is developing a new chip for laptop Mac. The processor that serves to increase laptop battery life while he is in sleep mode. Chip was mentioned will handle light activity, such as checking email and install