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Review Acer Predator 15 Intel Core i7-6700 HQ

Before the actual test of Acer Predator 15 come short amenities. Our unit was equipped with Intel Core i7-6700 HQ (2.6 GHz / 3.5 GHz up) processor, a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M graphics card, and 16 GB

North Korea Plant Superintendent Tool at Android Tablet

North Korea reportedly lock the tablet used by citizens, and only provide a number of basic features. The North Korean government reportedly locking electronic devices used by citizens, one of which is a tablet. Detailed tablet known

Tips and Tools Against Laptop Theft

No laptop crap: With this guide and the right free tools, notebook owners can protect their ultrabooks and notebooks from theft. For a safe winter holiday. Whether business travelers, field staff or students – they all have

New Intel Core i7 Processors “Overclocked” Achieving Speed 7 GHz

How far the Intel Core i7-7700K processor speed can be jacked? An overclocker named Allen Golibersuch A.K.A. Splave succeeded in forcing chip processor Core i family of the 7th generation (Kaby Lake) that runs in clockspeed as high

G.SKILL F4-3000C16D-32GRS: With Huge Capacity

The latest Intel processors have been supporting DDR4 and main memory as well as a variety of notebooks today. For notebook users who need this kind of main memory with a capacity greater, presenting G.SKILL F4-3000C16D-32GRS. Comes

Gigabyte Introduces Desktop PC Brief from Line BRIX

BRIX line of the Gigabyte is known as Mini PC products made by renowned manufacturers from Taiwan such peripherals. The end of the 2016’s, Gigabyte turned out to expand the line of products under the BRIX by

Stealth, NVIDIA Released Gaming PC Revival Kit

NVIDIA quietly released a new product called NVDIA PC Gaming Revival Kit. According to VideoCardz, the products were only recently confirmed the sale in Spain. Up to now it is still not known whether the new products

NVIDIA to Releasing GTX 1080Ti

Vidia finally confirmed the existence of GTX 1080Ti. According WCCFTech, recently, a new graphics card NVIDIA confirmed through a post late on LinkedIn. NVIDIA writing, these new graphics cards targeting the enthusiast-class users, especially users GTX 980Ti.

Transcend Storejet Cloud External WLAN SSD Review

Fast data over WLAN: the Transcend Store Jet Cloud offers not only fast memory, but also wireless freedom. The external Storejet Cloud Transcend accommodate 64 gigabytes of data on a fast SSD storage, rather than lame magnetic

Hardware Trends 2017 Hard Drive & SSD

No matter whether it is a data store or a backup solution for your personal data: We show what is important for hard drives.   If you want to extend your PC or notebook, for example, you