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Review Product HP ENVY Phoenix Desktop 860-001d Gaming

In order to provide the demand of various segments, Hewlett Packard (HP) to produce PC desktop for gaming. One of them via ENVY Phoenix Desktop 860-001d. Desktop PCs for gaming is equipped with the latest Intel platform

Asus ZenPad 7.0 Z370CG is Good Enough for Multimedia

In late August 2015 and then, Asus has released a new device called: ZenPad. ZenPad a new line of Asus tablet computers are expected to be able to repeat the success in the smartphone Zenfone line. One

Can Power Source Unstabel Electricity Affect the Computer?

Electricity from the first time is never stable until now, several times sometimes updrafts, sometimes down. In addition there are other electronic devices that require high power. For example, when we use computers, Mama was turned on

How to Know the Serial Number of a Computer and Laptop

Usually, how to know the serial number of the computer or laptop is using dxdiag, but there are also other ways, it using cmd command. Let’s do it. Open your¬†cmd type wmic then will be wmic: root

Sony Xperia vs Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Android

SONY is a giant Japanese vendor. In the past, the company joined the Swedish vendor, Sony Ericsson. They come together to produce mobile phones of various types. However, Sony has independently created the android smartphone with the

Lenovo Notebook Types You Should to Know

As we know, the Lenovo laptops from Chinese manufacturers produce several series. Different types include consideration for the target user, of course with different specifications and price. Before looking into some Lenovo laptop series, there are two types